Antonio Brown’s Feet Finally Looking Healthy Again

Antonio Brown’s normal human feet have apparently been restored. After 10 days away from the team (which may or may not have been to focus on his feet), Brown seems to have healthy new skin on the bottom of his feet.

This Instagram post from AB offered a good shot of the feet that just a couple weeks ago looked like they were suffering from stage 4 leprosy.

MJ Acosta on Twitter

Well, @AB84 ‘s feet look a million times better per this image from his Instagram story tonight @nflnetwork

A zoomed in shot reveals no loose or dead skin (a little pink maybe) on the previously affected area of Brown’s feet.

Brown is still awaiting word after filing his second grievance over the 10 year-old helmet that the NFL is not allowing him to wear this season. Brown missed Sunday’s practice (reportedly over the helmet issue), but participated in meetings on Monday.

We should know soon what AB plans to do today, but it doesn’t look like his feet will be a factor any longer.

twitter: @raidersbeat