Are NFL Owners Bribing Officials? Latest Rumors From D.C. Might Explain Officiating Bias Against the Raiders

Get ready. The mysterious story involving the team formerly known as the Washington Redskins is going to be ugly.

Abuse, sex trafficking, and drugs are just a few of the rumors making the rounds right now as the world waits for the Washington Post story to drop. In fact, lawyers have already been hired just in anticipation of the story.

Right now there’s a rumor floating around Reddit (and also around blogs) that lines up with a lot of what this website has been hearing privately. One detail that hasn’t been making the rounds, though, is an aspect of the Reddit story that may have been affecting the Raiders for years.

Apparently, the Washington Post story (or an account from somewhere else) is going to accuse Washington owner Dan Snyder of bribing officials – with some officials taking home as much as $2 million from the corrupt owner.

If that happens to be true, how many other owners may have been doing the same?

We learned in January that the data strongly points to an officiating bias against the Raiders, particularly in regard to subjective penalties. In other words, when officials are using their judgement to make a call (holding, pass interference, etc.), the numbers show that penalties are called against the Raiders at a much higher rate than they are for the rest of the league.

If one NFL owner was/is paying officials, how many more might be doing the same?

The Patriots are one of the least penalized teams in the league every year. They also get punished for cheating about every other year. Should we believe that Patriots owner Robert Kraft isn’t guilty of cheating in one form, but has been caught cheating in just about every other?

Again, it’s all rumor at this point, but would anyone be surprised if it comes out that the Raiders have been getting railroaded by corrupt officiating for years?

Just something to think about.

And for what it’s worth, expect teams and insiders (many of whom have very close ties to team ownership) to deny this kind of corruption to the bitter end. Unless it’s proven, no one is going to admit to bribing refs.

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In response to the wild internet speculation that members of Washington’s NFL team paid off officials, one source laughed, strongly denied it, and added “if we did, we need to get our money back.”

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