Raiders and Titans Now the Favorites to Sign Jadeveon Clowney?

As of a couple weeks ago, the Raiders were one of a handful of teams believed to be interested in signing free agent edge rusher Jadeveon Clowney.

Among the other teams talking to Clowney were the Browns, Seahawks, and Titans. Cleveland is now thought to be out of the mix for Clowney and Seattle (who isn’t exactly swimming in cap space) made a trade on Saturday for Jets safety Jamal Adams, who is believed to want around $20 million per year on a new deal.

If the Browns and Seahawks are no longer at the top of the list to land Clowney, could the Raiders or Titans be next in line?

As of today, the Titans have more than $20 million in cap room while the Raiders project to have very little cap room once the rookies are signed. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be difficult for the Raiders to re-work a veteran deal (Derek Carr?) and create plenty of cap room to afford Clowney. Jon Gruden has been looking for pass rushers ever since he traded Khalil Mack and while the Raiders are already heavily invested in edge defenders, can you ever have too many pass rushers in a division with Patrick Mahomes?

Clowney has connections to the Titans (the head coach comes to mind) and Tennessee is a tax-friendly state for an NFL deal. If either the Titans or Raiders still want Clowney, now might be the time to swoop in with a good offer.

For the Raiders, how about a two-year deal loaded with incentives for a former first-overall pick that’s still only 27 years old…

Who says ‘no’ to that?

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