Award Lays To Rest Any Remaining Theories About Derek Carr Losing The Raiders Locker Room

There have been more than a few theories as to what went wrong with the Raiders this season.

Was it coaching?

Was there discord in the locker room?

While poor coaching is still on the table and the locker room hasn’t been quite the same as a year ago, at least one theory can (once again) laid to rest.

There is no locker room hostility surrounding quarterback Derek Carr and his teammates.

For reasons that aren’t worth repeating, reports (albeit from dubious individuals) during the season suggested that Carr was wearing thin on teammates and was losing the locker room.

On Wednesday it was announced that Carr’s teammates voted him the winner of the team’s annual Ed Block Courage Award.

So, no, Carr hasn’t lost his teammates. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. He remains one of the most respected figures in the Raiders locker room.

Considering the damage that could have been done by the venomous and hateful (not to mention race-baiting) wife of NFL cornerback Brent Grimes, wouldn’t now be the appropriate time for her to issue an apology for giving legs to a story that sought not only to hurt Carr, but also the reputation of his offensive line?

Don’t hold your breath.

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2 thoughts on “Award Lays To Rest Any Remaining Theories About Derek Carr Losing The Raiders Locker Room

  1. I like CD as qb but as of now, i truly believe that he is still developing , the big bucks came to soon and he’s got a big hangover from past injuries, combined with a new oc coach a weak df his odds of repeating or out-doing last years 12-4 record was impossible.
    Look at the Patriots, they change more gears then an 18 wheeler before , during , and for the next opponent.

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