Which Of These 8 Free Agents Will Stay With The Raiders?

The 2017 season isn’t over, but apart from a Christmas miracle, the Raiders have just two more games to play.

The roster will look a little different next season and there are a handful of free agents general manager Reggie McKenzie could lose in the offseason.

Here’s the list…

Reggie Nelson turned in a rather lackluster 2016 campaign (to be kind) and he’ll be 35 when the 2017 season begins. He had a good run in Oakland, but unfortunately he can’t run anymore. The Raiders have youth at safety so the transition away from Nelson officially begins in a matter of days.

Sebastian Janikowski had a fine run in silver and black, but his time in Oakland has probably come to a quiet ending. If he’s healthy and wants to play, Seabass will have options but it certainly looks like the Raiders have passed the torch to the not-nearly-as-hefty lefty, Giorgio Tavecchio.

Justin Ellis and Denico Autry have both been solid this year and the Raiders could use both back next year. As is always the case, McKenzie doesn’t like to overpay so the market will dictate what happens here, but the Raiders should be looking to keep both and add another player or two on the defensive interior.

T.J. Carrie was arguably as good as anyone not named Mack on the Raider defense over the first half of the season. Given the fact that the Raiders will probably cut loose the bloated contracts of Sean Smith and David Amerson, the versatile Carrie seems like a solid candidate to return.

Lee Smith didn’t have a tremendous season (who on the offense did?), but he’s an above-average blocker and the type of player coaches love to have in the locker room. He took a pay cut to stay with the Raiders this season. Hard to say what will happen going forward.

Navorro Bowman was a welcome addition to the Raiders defense this season and it was enjoyable to watch an inside linebacker in Oakland that finally produced. Bowman will be 30 when the 2018 season begins so he won’t be an easy investment based on his age, but the Raiders have to at least try to bring him back, right?

Jon Condo has been the Raiders long snapper almost as long as Janikowski has been their kicker. Ok, maybe not, but he has been with the Raiders for 11 years and has been as reliable as any long snapper in the league during that stretch. At 36, Condo isn’t getting any younger, but why get cute with the process? Long snappers don’t cost a lot. Bring him back, Reggie.

All things considered, the Raiders aren’t in a bad place to keep the players they want this summer.

An extension for Khalil Mack will be an off-season priority but a few sizable contracts will be coming off the books and McKenzie should mostly be able to keep who he wants – and hopefully (unlike a year ago) bring aboard a contributing draft pick or two.

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9 thoughts on “Which Of These 8 Free Agents Will Stay With The Raiders?

  1. I agree with most of what you said about the players , but, the coaching was very sad this year.
    Get back what we HAD last year , i believe the Raiders should have waited one more season to upgrade Carr, maybe the money and flashback s of his injuries impaired his ability to be all he can be.

  2. we need to get bigger “heavy” d-line, young guys that can run on the back end. tall corners.
    why not convert a tall small school receiver into a corner-back.
    food for thought.

  3. The Only players on this list I see coming back are; Bowman , Condo, and Autry.
    Reggie Nelson, Sean Smith, David Amerson are all disasters. Smith and Nelson can both be cut and it won’t effect cap space.
    The secondary needs a complete overhaul.

    1. Sean Smith , should come back from where , to me he has never been anywhere.
      Grab James Harrison from Pittsburg, for a one year contract would be a great start in rebuilding the DF.

  4. Dear Reggie,

    This draft may be the most important one of your career. No more injured picks. No more questionable picks. “The” best available at each position you choose, no fliers.

    And reward Mack ASAP. Pay The Man! And get on with the rest.


  5. The Raiders need help in both sides of the ball. It’s obvious that the defense has been the Achilles heel of the ream for several years and the glaring needs of the unit should be addressed in the upcoming draft.
    A stud middle linebacker is of utmost importance along with DB’s that can cover. Also the interior D linemen need to be able to pressure the QB more.
    Plus the need for a more disciplined team is important. Too many unnecessary penalties continue to plague the team by stalling their own drives or extending the opponents.
    On the offensive side their needs to be receivers that you can count on. Drops are unacceptable. They are killing this team. A.C.’s drops are habitual. He can be one of the best in the league if he gets the drops out if his head. It appears to be a mental thing. Definitely not a physical problem.
    The obviously biggest glaring factor is the OC. The offensive struggles are a direct influence from Todd Downing’s lack of experience. There is no Wow factor from the offense this season. Just a bunch of crappy games and a heartbreaking season.
    Not a lot to get excited about.
    Hopefully next season will be a big improvement.

  6. After this season, Carr needs to rework his contract. He is not worth $25mil a year. We should have waited to extend him, and we should have paid the man who has earned his weight in gold Mack. I like Carr, but the glaring weaknesses we saw with Carr this season have always beeb there. Not allowing plays to develop before checking down, errant throws putting receivers in harms way, throwing into coverage for interceptions, clock management. He needs good coaching to keep him effective; without it this is the Carr you get.

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