Beat Writer: Raiders First-Round Pick Tyree Wilson is Going to be “Different This Year”

Tyree Wilson got off to a slow start in his first NFL season, and the consensus seems to be that there were two reasons he was a little underwhelming as a rookie.

Wilson missed a lot of the offseason program as he recovered from a foot injury that he suffered five months prior to the draft, but it’s also worth noting that he was always considered to be very raw as an NFL prospect.

Maxx Crosby talked last week about Wilson’s development as a player, and it sounded like Wilson had a lot to learn about playing football at the professional level.

As for as Wilson’s foot injury is concerned, Sports Illustated insider Hondo Carpenter shared an update this week.

“I can tell you Tyree is very close to 100 percent now,” Hondo said on the Las Vegas Raiders Insider podcast. “They expected a full year of recovery. Now he has to get all of [his] body where it needs to be, but he’s been doing great. He’s working hard. That’s as of the last report I have which was a few weeks ago… [He] has impressed a lot of people. He is going to be different this year.”

It’s probably important to remember that it’s the offseason, and reports are generally positive this time of year, but there’s no question that Wilson showed improvement as the season progressed in his first year.

If all goes as planned, that will carry over into next year.

Crosby (and everyone else for that matter) believes Wilson has all the tools to be a “great player” in the NFL so it will be interesting to see what he looks like in his second season. The Raiders have invested heavily over the last two years in their defensive line, and if they want to keep up with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs going forward, they are going to need each of those investments to pay off.

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4 thoughts on “Beat Writer: Raiders First-Round Pick Tyree Wilson is Going to be “Different This Year”

  1. Look, Clellin Ferrell also had all the right tools and he was drafted 4th in the 1st rd. Wilson more than likely will end up like Ferrell. He is slow getting off the line, and more times than not he is out of position to make a play. I sure hope I’m wrong, but we will see.

  2. If plays up to the hype he received in last year’s draft and dedication to the game …he could be the third game reckor on this hat D line . Hope so.

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