Beat Writer Says Justin Fields to the Raiders is “Undoubtedly a Possibility” After the Season

The Raiders have a lot of big decisions coming in the offseason.

They need a GM and they need a head coach. Once those positions are filled, they need to decide on a quarterback.

Jimmy Garoppolo probably won’t be part of the quarterback room in Las Vegas next year and Aidan O’Connell has been up and down in his rookie season. Unless O’Connell makes a big impression in the final six games of the season, the Raiders will be aggressive in their search for a quarterback in the offseason… and one name to keep an eye on will be Justin Fields.

After being taken with the 11th-overall pick in 2021, Fields is in his third year with Chicago, and many believe the Bears will move away from him after the season.

Fields isn’t the problem in Chicago, but the Bears are expected to have two premium picks in the upcoming draft. It would make a lot of sense for them to take one of the top quarterbacks in the 2024 draft and let another team navigate the final year of Fields’ rookie contract.

According to Vinny Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Raiders might be a perfect landing spot for Fields if the Bears decide to start over at quarterback…

This is undoubtedly a possibility, although Aidan O’Connell will have a say in how this plays out with his performance over the next six games.

If the Bears make Fields available, it will be because they are positioned to draft one of their preferred quarterback targets. That could lessen their asking price for Fields, but his market will be predicated on how much interest there is for him.

The Raiders do have a connection to Fields. Interim general manager Champ Kelly was with the Bears front office when they drafted the former Ohio State standout.

Since we don’t know who will be making the decisions in the Raiders’ building after the season, everything is speculation at this point… but Fields would make sense for the Raiders regardless of who is calling the shots.

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6 thoughts on “Beat Writer Says Justin Fields to the Raiders is “Undoubtedly a Possibility” After the Season

  1. Unless they get him for a fourth rnd pick or lower f that. We don’t need a **** teams cast off.

  2. After watching this game today, this team needs a reset, please get JH, and build through the draft. If Adams wants out trade him and get max value. I have seen this team play like crap against top tier teams for far too long. Enough is enough. I like AP but this is clearly not the answer against top coaching staffs.

  3. The Raiders would be fools to give more than a 3rd round pick for this guy. Obviously, he isn’t working out for the Bears, so HOW would he be worth a high draft pick? The Cowboys didn’t have to give the 49ers much for Trey Lance!

  4. Just say no. Stop with this pathetic guessing. Justin Fields isnt better than what we have. Lets build the trenches and get one of the good QB prospects in the next draft. There are many of them.

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