“Belief Around the League” Derek Carr is Moving Toward a Contract Extension With Raiders

A month ago Derek Carr was in the news as a candidate to be traded. Now it seems those rumors have mostly faded and the new speculation is that he might be getting… a contract extension?

According to NFL insider Adam Caplan, some around the league are anticipating that Carr has a new deal coming.

“[Derek] Carr may end up getting his contract extended. That’s the belief around the league,” Caplan reported on Saturday. “They do not want to trade [Carr]. I can tell you that is a fact.”

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NFL: “Last year around this time, he was 100% available.” @caplannfl on the latest news with the Las Vegas Raiders regarding Marcus Mariota and Derek Carr.#NFLTwitter #RaiderNation pic.twitter.com/Y87p011pQQ

Carr still has two years left on the deal he signed in 2017 and carries a cap number of $22.125 million in 2021 and $19.877 million in 2022. A new deal would give the Raiders much-needed cap relief for at least the 2021 season.

If Jon Gruden is committed to Carr (which more than ever seems to be the case), the Raiders would be wise to convert as much of his remaining deal to bonus money as possible. The Raiders might lose some long-term flexibility by extending Carr, but given the way he has improved under Gruden, it’s not hard to see why the team would be glad to assume the risk.

Not bad for a quarterback who just a year ago had no future in Las Vegas.

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32 thoughts on ““Belief Around the League” Derek Carr is Moving Toward a Contract Extension With Raiders

  1. If true I’ll just say it certainly wouldn’t be the 1st time the Raiders pissed money away!!!

    1. Securing your franchise QB over the next few seasons is smart football. It makes the team better.. it free’s up more money especially on a low salary cap season that every team will face in 2021

  2. I can’t believe the raiders are going to sacrifice another season by keeping Derek Carr . That’s crazy . Carr is not the main problem but he is definitely not the solution on offense . John gruden need to realize he cannot make a franchise quarterback out of every quarterback become through the rate of organization that’s not coaching that’s a ego problem . I like John gluten but he needs to wake up

    1. Raiders had the 7th best passing game and a top 10 offense mostly bc of Carr. The bottom 3 defense is why they lose. Not even Rodgers could win with a bottom 3 defense, and word is he’s pretty good.

  3. He has had seven years to prove himself at your job if you fell for 7 years would you still have a job save the money get rid of car he’s not worth it

  4. Finally, Raiders being smart. The Carr haters are idiots. Qbs like him don’t grow on trees. People forget what the qb situation was like before Carr.

    1. Well said. Carr is not the problem he is a high rated passer the problem is we give up more then we can score. our defense is the one that should be replaced not Carr.

    2. Agreed, All these armchair GM’s weighing in. Its easy to say lets just get Watson or Brady when the offense has rarely been the problem. We need to focus on Defense both in the draft and free agency. Need to start developing our own talent. How many former Raiders we gave up on are playing important roles for new teams. Mario Edwards, P.J., Karl Joseph come to mind but Im sure there’s more.

    3. The only idiot is someone who believes that a quarterback who ihas never won a playoff game ,in the division with the quarterback who is already won the Super Bowl!& a rookie of the year ,still needs more time to get better ! Obviously you’re new to football or the Raiders because you’ve never seen greatness obviously l

  5. The sports media heads must be about to explode, they can’t stand Carr with the Raiders and demand he be traded. Every off season the same thing Carr will be moved or cut yet not one of the so called reporters investigate, talk to a coach a team insider, no. Like a report a week and a half ago the reporter said Carr will be traded to Seattle, what was the source? …………. a betting site and in less than a day almost every sports media outlet was reporting on this. Including this one.

    They all love Carr on other teams and all have said that Carr can be the missing link to getting other teams to the Super Bowl. Carr is a top 7 QB in the NFL the rest of the league knows it. It’s only the media the doesn’t like he only because he’s on the Raiders.

  6. CARR , PFF over 100 rating , 48 td 17 pics, 8, 200 yards passing, last two years. Raiders were 8-8 because they have a QB unlike the Bears who finished 8-8 without one. Carr was in the top 10 qbs in 2020. Build the defense.

      1. Raiders had the 7th ranked passing game and were top 3 in time if possession. They were VERY good at moving the ball. Also top 5 in avoiding 3 and outs, while Derek was the 2nd highest graded QB in the NFL on 3rd down. The offense made the defense look better than it was by keeping it off the field.

  7. The Carr Carr gonna get on 1 this year and knock all these haters on they backs where they belong! The #4″is gonna do his thang drive us to the big 1, y’all woke up the the beast he gonna tear **** up this year guaranteed💪👍💯🦁

  8. Raiders defense gave up more points in 4th quarter then any team in any quarter in 2020. Tough to win when your defense can’t stop anybody.

  9. Carr has earned every dime! He’s set franchise records as a QB for the Raiders, he has improved every year under Gruden’s tenure, he has survived the coaching carousel earlier in his career, he has the support of his teammates! I’m very proud of the Raiders knowing stability at the most important position on the field is a priority! DC4!!!

  10. Get rid of him he hasn’t even made the playoff so no he’ll in way he is taking them to the superbowl never been the same since he got hurt scared to run to ! LET HIM GO!

    1. He took us to the play off but broke his ankle and he never had a good defense or good wide out only in 2016..and look what he did with a shitty defense..but can’t win when you’re shitty defense is freaking giving up 32 points a game..how do you win..tell me how..

  11. 7 years and and less than 50% win loss record = backup QB – start Mariota, keep Carr as backup, flip the script

    1. Thanks for the insightful comment to the deaf, dumb and blind BLACKBONES, we’re not saying Derek is terrible, just that his time to prove his ability to win us another ring is past and to give the kid a well deserved chance to show what he’s being highly paid for!!! Raider Nation!!!!!

    2. Only casual fans blame the QB for a terrible defense. Not even guys like Rodgers and Brees could achieve a winning record with a defense that gave up 28+ PPG, but singer fans expect Carr to? That just shows the limited knowledge some fans have.

      The defense sucks…….so get a different QB? Explain that logic……

  12. Anyone who has actually watched the raiders and carr play knows that u can put points numbers all day long…. The Defense!!! Needs work let me say that again The Defense!!! needs work not Carr!! Come on get it right when you run your mouth smh.

    1. Raiders defense lost AT LEAST 4 games last season. Add those 4 to the win column and you have a playoff team and maybe a division winner. Carr can win a ring for this team with just an average defense. He’s not going anywhere so let’s just see who is right and wrong about Carr.

  13. Keep Carr. All the haters think there is a Mahomes, Rodgers, Brees, Watson, Brady and Russell waiting and wanting to come to the Raiders. They make it seem like any team, us included, can go out and grab a top 5 QB like it they are available. Teams who have a top 5 QB will not let their QB go and even if these QB’s are FA, they aren’t coming to LV. Stop dreaming. Lets just appreciate we have a QB that is a top 10 QB and throw our support behind Carr.

  14. Seriously you Carr supporters I’d like to know what kind of hallucinogens you are using because I can use some of that good stuff!!! I’ve watched every game Derek has played and he obviously hasn’t been the same quarterback since he broke his leg regardless of stats; which don’t mean **** if you don’t compile “W’S”, perfect example is Rich Gannon, he compiled wonderful stats to make himself look great on paper! Did Gannon win us any additional rings? Is Carr going to win us additional rings? No, so stop beating a dead horse and get off those hallucinogens!!! It’s time to jettison Carr for all we can get for him and let Mariota have his chance to make a go of it, after all if you actually watched the game he played in you could see the excitement he brought to the offense; which in case you haven’t noticed has been absent from that side of the team for what seems like ages now, and of course he’s not the second coming yet he’s a little rusty thanks to Covid-19 protocol and the powers that be; who by the way need to start becoming accountable themselves for questionable draft pick reaches and free agent acquisitions on the defensive unit which undoubtedly have been a major contributor for our failure to compile wins, but with that agreed upon by all Derek though shows abilities a greatness those showings are way too inconsistent and he seems at times to be his own worst enemy in that he sometimes either doesn’t see wide open receivers or misses them throwing short, long or behind them, consistently throws short of a 1st down on 3rd and long expecting yards after catch to continuously materialize when he telescopes every predictable play and and doesn’t rely on the run on 3rd and short and consistently and predictably throws the ball incomplete resulting in punt or setting for 3 instead of 7! When Mariota comes in to replace Carr with his hamstring pull against the dolts he immediately became a spark plug and was completing tight passes(3 qtrs. 17/28 226 yds 1 Td. 1 Int. and scrambled for nearly 10 yd avg. going 9/88 including breaking a tackle for 1st down. Now he wasn’t perfect and they ultimately lost in OT but he indeed was impressive and exciting!!! Tell me these statements aren’t true, I’ll tell you again you’re probably on hallucinogens!!! Nuff said

    PS It’s long past time Tom Flores was admitted to Canton especially considering there are people in there with much less accomplishments than this Legend; whom I had the great pleasure of meeting on a trip to Oakland many years back and he graciously signed my Raiders 3x Super Bowl hat and shirt while I stood in awe!
    As far as Woodson we were at MSG the day the Raiders picked him 4th overall in the draft and he accomplished many things in his career, mainly with the Packers and though his 1st time around he wound up with many times a dysfunctional bunch I felt near the end of his 1st tenure he quit on his teammates and for that I believe is unforgivable and I didn’t think they should have brought him back for the 2nd bit!
    God Bless Al Davis, God Bless The Las Vegas Raiders and God Bless The Raider Nation!!!

  15. Derek Carr led the league in fumbles and six pick. He had trouble scoring touchdowns in the red zone and settling for field goals. That keeps others teams in the game and relying on the the defense to bail us out in the end. His pocket awareness is terrible, that’s why when the pocket collapsed around him, he always fumbles the ball. He lost three fumbles in the Atlanta game alone and fumbles games away in Tampa and New England. Derek Carr is not a franchise quarterback.

    1. Well John I see you actually watch the Raider games, unlike “The Casual” fans who still pretend Carr is the quarterback of the Raider’s future! Loyalty doesn’t automatically garner you a position on a football team, this is a game of inches and production of “W’s” is what counts in the end of the business day thus if you aren’t contributing on a consistent basis to the bottom line you are gone “It’s not personal, it’s business”!!!! If the rumors are true and Carr is back why don’t all of the fans commenting here come back to this post in December and revisit their conclusions…bet?

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