Lombardi: Derek Carr “Has No Future” With Raiders in Las Vegas

NFL analyst Michael Lombardi has been beating the drum that Jon Gruden isn’t happy with Derek Carr for a while now. This week Lombardi doubled down (probably more like tripled down) on the narrative that Gruden will be finding a new quarterback soon.

“Meanwhile the Raiders, for all their messages about loving Carr, have been working behind the scenes to find a replacement,” Lombardi wrote in The Athletic this week. “I have written several times about the disconnect between Carr and Raiders head coach Jon Gruden and this quarterback market is too tempting for Gruden to ignore. Carr has trade value, which is why everyone from the Raiders always says beautiful things about his future when speaking publicly. But Carr has no future in Las Vegas and Gruden will do everything in his power to fix the position.” 

For anxious Raider fans the good news is that we’ll have answers soon. Gruden won’t be counting on the draft to find his starting quarterback in 2020. If he really is unhappy with Carr, he’ll make a move in free agency which begins in just over a month. Tom Brady has been linked to the Raiders, but you can all but guarantee that message was put in the news by Brady’s camp.

Raiders beat writer Vic Tafur wrote about Carr this week and he has been downplaying the quarterback rumors around the Raiders for a couple weeks now.

“How worried should Carr be about Brady?” Tafur wrote on Thursday in The Athletic. “I don’t think that much, though you just can’t dismiss Gruden’s interest in coaching a six-time Super Bowl champion and a three-time MVP. The biggest issues would be fit and whether or not signing a quarterback who will be 43 years old in August makes a lot of sense. Brady would have to learn a whole new terminology and offense, and might want a bigger role in the play-calling than Gruden would want to relinquish. Plus, would he really see the Raiders as a Super Bowl contender?”

So who’s got it right?

Lombardi seems to think the Raiders are hellbent on finding a new quarterback and Tafur is suggesting Brady is the only real threat to Carr’s job.

Since Brady should be considered an absolute long shot to join the Raiders (and there are more than a few that believe Gruden will not go after him), the likely scenario is that Gruden and general manager Mike Mayock find a mid to late round quarterback in the draft to groom behind Carr. Given the complicated nature of Gruden’s offense, it’s a stretch to think that even a veteran could come in and satisfy Gruden right away, so if the Raiders don’t make a splash in free agency you can all but guarantee that Carr will be the starter in 2020.

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32 thoughts on “Lombardi: Derek Carr “Has No Future” With Raiders in Las Vegas

  1. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. So, let Gruden stick with Carr and let’s see what topic we will be discussing this same time next year.

  2. Fixing the Las Vegas Raiders

    Lots of NFL teams have “problems” covering tight ends. The Raiders certainly are one of them. This “problem” has persisted for quite some time now. I have a proposed solution. Surely, there are many basketball players who won’t be playing professional basketball. Lots of them have the height, agility, speed and dexterity necessary to defend an NFL tight end. Why not look at some of these NBA wannabes as possible defenders against NFL tight ends, No one can deny that there are a number of ex-basketball players who either have or are now playing in the NFL. This list includes; Antonio Gates, Jimmy Graham, Julius Peppers, Darren Fells, Julius Thomas, Antonio Gonzales, Quinten Rollins, Rico Gathers, Mo Alie-Cox and Martellus Bennett.

    NFL teams have displayed a tendency to have, relatively speaking, undersized and underweight “defenders” try to defend a tight end that outweighs and has a discernible size advantage over their defender. In my opinion, having a player that can match an NFL tight end in height, weight and dexterity is the was to go. Surely an ex-basketball player, of comparable weight, size and jumping ability, can consistently offer an “equal” match up to another man with a relatively equal skill set. As well, NFL plays usually last no more than 10 seconds and then there is a 35 second lull before the next play. In basketball, the next play is almost instantaneous and the action can last for at least 3 to 4 minute intervals which include running, jumping, changes of direction, changes of possessions and going from offense to defense in a split second.

    Next topic, the quarterback position. No matter who the Raiders have at quarterback, this season or beyond, they need someone who can TEACH that quarterback. Patrick Mahomes gave a glowing tribute to Alex Smith for what Smith “taught” him. I don’t think that anyone would discount the invaluable lessons that Aaron Rodgers gained as a result of watching and learning from Brett Favre. Even Lamar Jackson, for all his athleticism, has expressed an interest in “learning” the quarterback position. Whether the Raiders keep Derek Carr or acquire Tom Brady, their quarterback of the future requires expert tutelage in order to be successful going forward. Personally, I would prefer that the Raiders add Phillip Rivers to their roster to teach any quarterback that the Raiders get. Despite my past criticisms of Jon Gruden, I believe that he wants to win and that Phillip Rivers has the desire and skill set to win, in the proper system and environment. As far as Derek Carr goes, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. So, let Gruden stick with Carr and let’s see what topic we will be discussing this same time next year.

    The running back position. While the Raiders added, what I believe to be a quality running back in, William Stanback from the Canadian Football League, the fact that Melvin Gordon and Derrick Henry are free agents should not be dismissed out of pocket. Having a quality two or three headed monster, at running back, would be a luxury that the Raiders CAN afford to consider.

    The offensive line. This was the absolutely MOST improved part of the Raiders in 2019. However, now is NOT the time to sit on their laurels. This group should be fortified and there is one guy with the Washington Redskins who should be given the utmost consideration. There isn’t a football guy in America that doesn’t know that the offensive line is the MOST important group on ANY team. This area needs to continue to progress and NOT regress.

    Wide Receivers. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. WHEREVER the next Tyreek Hill is, in America, even if he is in a Division Three school, the Raiders NEED to find and sign him. In my opinion, guys from smaller schools try harder. No one ever heard of West Alabama until Tyreek Hill popped up on the radar or the Georgia Institute of Technology until Damayrius Thomas became a star. Jon Gruden had a merry-go-round of receivers last year. The two afore mentioned guys were found as a result of good scouting, plain and simple. Anyone can watch Division One football and say, that guy is going to be an NFL star. If other teams can find these types of off the radar gems, why can’t Raiders’ scouts do the same?

    The defense. Oh boy. How long will this debacle go on? It has seemed like, in the pass, that EVERY sports reporter has come up with EXCUSES why the Raiders defense has under performed. Are they afraid to report the truth. No amount of bluster, pandering or appeasement can deny the obvious. Raiders management, with respect to it’s, defensive thinking, philosophy and coaching STINKS. Let me put this as succinctly as I know how; without pressure on the opposing teams quarterback, no amount of coverage will succeed. No quarterback pressure, no wins. I’m sure that someone will say, easier said than done but Jon Gruden is getting paid 10 million dollars a year to oversee this. Maybe more money would help.

  3. Well, since Lombardi is correct in about 3% of his narratives when it comes to the NFL, I’d say that Carr will be the starting QB for the next two years. Maybe sometime in that second year, we MIGHT see next year’s ‘new, young’ QB get some playing time.
    Brady is a no go – there is no way that he’d want to even attempt to learn Gruden’s dictionary thick play book and terminology, he’ll want 30mil AND he’s 43 and declining. That would be the stupidest move yet. Plus, even Brady wouldn’t be great without any WR’s to throw to.
    Give Carr the tools and he will prove to be the QB everybody wants.

      1. That’s what is so great about competition and training camp! May the best man get the right to be the starter! If Kizer was so great why isn’t he number 2 or even 3 on the depth chart??

  4. As I stated in an earlier post. I strongly believe that if Coach Gruden places his energy on finding a young QB straight out of college, trade the two existing back QB’s and start Derek Carr, we will all witness either success or failure on Carr’s ability to lead the Raiders in the right direction. Viva Las vegas Raiders for Life!!! 🏟 🏈 ♣️😎🏆

  5. Yes I think it’s hype about Brady .But if care doesn’t produce this year he might be out.draft a quarter back so he can learn the system it’s cheaper they should trade up to the 8th and draft Simmons give a couple of picks

  6. He doesn’t know what hes talking about. How many “team jobs’ has he been fired from again?

  7. Lombardi is an idiot, just like most of these”analysts”. They’ve been saying this same knuckleheaded garbage year after year until he’s magically still with the team for the season. Guess where he’ll be yet again in late 2020. Morons.

  8. *******, If Gruden doesnt replace him with someone that will be better with Raiders then he is fucking up big time. Just because a QB is good on another team doesnt mean he will be good with Grudens dink and dunk offense. How far will that set us behind? We wait for a vet to catch onto system. We wait for Rookie to catch up…All this when we still need a lot of players.Raiders offense was better when Del Rio was coach. Oh wait, they actually had some wide receivers then. Ive been a Raider fan for 50 years and year after year they seem to get more stupid. Now if we make all these changes we will go backwards when we were starting to move forward.

    1. Perfectly said Kevin! They have many more needs to worry about than replacing Derek Carr! Lets see… Linebackers have suddenly became extinct, a secondary that can actually cover and tackle would be nice and most importantly to the success of Derek Carr lets see them invest in a True #1 Wide receiver who can create separation and force opposing defense’s to pull their safeties up. Wasting an entire offseason on Antonio Brown, the loss of Jonathan Abraham, loosing Burflict to an absurd 12 game suspension, costly injuries to the offensive line week in and week out and losing Karl Joseph spells out lackluster season. All in all I think that they as a team did pretty good considering the carousel of players and lack of depth!

  9. Is Carr going to dump the Raiders….Probably the best thing that could happen to Carr is to be traded…DC has taken a beating on and off the field with what has been a desfunctional organization the the majority of His tenure in the league…There is not one other QB who has been the starter year after year that has got no support from there HC like Carr…..A good trade for Carr to say a Tampa Bay would give home true #1 WR’s for the first time since hes been in the NFL and an HC that would let him “let it rip” and support him in the press.
    I have to laugh at all the grass is always greener nay sayers who are excited about bring on Brady….LOL…And they complain about Carr not being mobile..LOL..Really….Carr is not the problem, get this guy a number 1 WR and a D….Yes I say just “A Def” because the Raiders have been horrific on the D for years…..You will never Win a shoot out in JG’s ball control scheme so you better have a D that can at least show up….
    For Carrs sake I hope hes traded, he would do wonders with a functional Organization….But if not, lets hope JG does the right thing and gets out in the media and supports his franchise QB, the guy he called a “coach on the field” in one of his pressers.

  10. Gruden better watch some film of 2019 brady he stunk,only 35% complete when pressured,has no escapability anymore at 43,it was be stupid to throw dc4 to the side for a 43 yr old,after he had a career without a no.1 wr-

    1. Derek carr is going nowhere,finished 9th in total qbr had career numbers in comp.,ypa,passing yards,get him a no.1 wr or at least more weapons and the offense will be fine,sf gave us the playbook on how to confuse and fool 15,good push on the pocket,and good zone/man combo Ds. Carr wouldn’t be at every Las Vegas event if he werent in there plans(they would of told him by now),hes building a house next to Gruden here in Vegas,hes our qb.Why would you get rid of a 28 yr old that has mastered Grudens complex west coast O for a 43 yr old who never has thats a dinosaur with zero mobilty? Lombardis a idiot,get good players around dc4 and the team will be better and win more games! Im more pissed at sites like this that give this b.s oxygen,brady is clearly using teams as leverage to get more from NE,the only place he belongs..Pats win because of Belichek anyway. Raiders need to keep improving every position and building thru the draft and fill holes in FA. We have our qb for 2020

  11. Mike Lombardi has been trashing the Raiders for years … Al Davis once said their were staff members leaking information to ESPN years ago … Mike here’s looking at you !

  12. Carr is the least of the Raiders problems. Over 4000 yards, 70% completion rate with no number one receiver. If Mayock and Gruden get rid of him, they should both be fired immediately!

      1. I agree… if they release or trade he will make them both look like idiots and yes they should be fired!

  13. Brady maybe a smoke screen and along with the Carr trades. Maybe the real goal is to get someone like Dak Prescott. He is a little more mobile then Carr and could run the Raiders. If the Cowboys don’t franchise Prescott then watch out for the Raiders getting him. Brady is great and could lead the Raiders but they would’ve to draft a new one in the draft.
    So would the Lions trade their pick for Raiders for two first and maybe Carr going to Detroit?
    The Dolphins their first pick and a second for Carr and the two firsts?
    Chargers never don’t want to face Carr twice a year.
    But I really think if Dak leaves the Cowboys he becomes a Raiders. Or maybe trade between the two for their QB’s.

  14. I think Raiders will have to see where Brady goes before getting rid of Carr, there could be competitive veteran quarterbacks available on the market.

  15. **** will these talentless writers stop already with Carr. His future in Sin City is set. Lombardi and Florio are like these trump conspiracy people STUPID!! RAIDER NATION ain’t buying it stop already dumbass hacks.

    1. For the first time in history the Raiders had a 1000 yard rusher,1000 yd rec.,and 4000 plus yards passer ,and dc4 had a career year as the all time leading passer in raider history and people want him gone? beyond stupid Gruden is tough on qbs and he and dc4 are in lockstep now,and in 2020 raider players need to move there familys and are building houses ,if dc4 wasnt in there plans they would of told him already and they havent hes been at every las vegas raiders ceremony,hes our qb for 2020. Get him a true no.1 and improve the terrible defense and with the expanded playoffs with 7 from each conference we get in and do damage,defense is our goal for offseason upgrades, qb is set,help him with more weapons. football is 11 on 11 fix the roster we have a top 10 qb already thats got 2 years in gruden difficult to learn west coast O,you cant just bring anyone in to run it..

      1. Peter, Very well said! I want to believe that he has another year to change these naysayers point of view with just 1 more year with the young talent he already possesses and the addition of a WR1 that can stretch the field! It stinks to see and hear all the talk of these guys moving on from DC4, I truly believe that if they do he will make them look silly for making that choice especially if he gets traded to any team in the AFC! DC4 is definitely in the top 10 of QB’s in the league, I think coaches of the Lions, Bears, Bucs, Colts, Redskins, Cowboys, Dolphins, Jaguars and especially the Patriots would love to get their hands on DC4.

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