Benoit: Derek Carr Is The 124th-Best Player In Football

Derek Carr finished tied for third in the 2016 MVP vote and is presently the highest paid player in football, but according to a new Sports Illustrated player ranking, the Raiders quarterback is only the 124th-best player in the league.

Ahead of Carr, according to Andy Benoit’s MMQB column, were Jimmy Graham, Jason Witten, Mitchell Schwartz, Lane Johnson (who missed 10 games in 2016 for a PED suspension), Stephon Gilmore, and plenty more.

Benoit did have Carr ranked as the 10th-best quarterback – which is an improvement from where he ranked Carr in November.

The nine quarterbacks ahead of Carr were Tom Brady (1), Aaron Rodgers (6), Ben Roethlisberger (16), Matt Ryan (28), Andrew Luck (30), Drew Brees (37), Philip Rivers (88), Eli Manning (104), and Matthew Stafford (117).

For what it’s worth, the average age of the quarterbacks Benoit ranked ahead of Carr is just a fraction under 34 years-old with only Luck (27) and Stafford (29) still under 30.

So that’s a positive.

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