Raiders “Not Happy” With Penn Holdout, Fans Say ‘Pay The Man’

The Raiders are “not happy” about the impending holdout of Pro Bowl left tackle Donald Penn, according the San Francisco Chronicle’s Vic Tafur.

The Raiders were made aware of Penn’s desire to be paid like a top-10 tackle, but if the team chooses not to budge, Penn could be forced to play on a salary in the bottom-third of the league at his position – or not be paid at all.

Despite lining up against many of the top pass rushers in the league, Penn gave up just one sack in 2016 and continues to be one of the most durable offensive lineman in football. He is scheduled to make $5.95 million in 2017 – the final year of his deal with the Raiders.

Given his value to the team and the uncertainty behind Penn on the Raiders’ depth chart, it would be hard to imagine the sides reaching a resolution.

As the fans go, they say ‘pay the man, Reggie!’

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32 thoughts on “Raiders “Not Happy” With Penn Holdout, Fans Say ‘Pay The Man’

  1. This , some BS. Hes important but pulled off the heap the interior has helped him alot ,15 in LT pay. 1Poff, getting big head

  2. Penn will have to play at some point, or make nothing. I believe they will find a middle ground on this and Penn will get paid, probably not as much as he would like, but somewhere in the middle. Glad to see the picks all in camp, lets see what Conley and Obi are able to do. This should be a big year for the Raiders!!!

    1. No man, just no. He’s a top 5 LT, signed a team friendly deal to stay a Raider (which was basically a 1 yr deal, in case he declined), and actually improved his play to an elite level. He deserves top 5 LT money ESPECIALLY considering this will probably be his last opportunity to make $ b4 CTE sets in. He has never been paid like an elite LT, so he doesn’t have millions and millions stored away like most elite players. He deserves a raise (plus dude has like 10 kids to feed).

      1. Wasn’t a “team friendly” it was the fact he only had ONE other offer during fa last year is why he’s not making big bank. 15/16 was his first above avg. year with us. He should have approached this with more dignity

  3. He signed a contract and agreed to it, be a man a live up to your word Penn. Do not pay him any more money.

    1. He SIGNED his new deal last year so if he didn’t like it then he should of not signed it. He also single handedly destroyed our season with letting the defense past him and then break Carr’s leg. Be a man of your word and play your contract and get to camp. Raiders can fine him $40,000 a day he is out of camp. They should do it.

    2. I don’t agree, Penn has played at a top level since joining the Raiders and has never been paid as a top tackle. The man deserves a pay raise and an extension. Pay the man ,he only gave up one sack last year. He is the most important part of the oline and the one of the lowest paid.

  4. Suck it up cupcake… U signed the contract.. why not sign Zack Orr and bring a title to Oakland!

  5. Stand firm Raiders. What happened to Derek Carr’s leg last year. Shut up fat boy and play. The $money$ will come. Reggie is a stand up guy. He gives credit where credit is do. This is un needed drama. Thx again Penn.

  6. It’s reasonable to give him a bump, he should not be in the bottom third of salaries. But he has to be reasonable; the really big deals go to younger guys for a reason.

    Who knows, maybe the Austin Howard release was with this situation in mind.

  7. DP your timing is soooo bad bruh!!!! We’re on the verge of something really great now, and NO DISTRACTION’S ARE NEEDED!!!!! Come on man!!!!!!

    Let’s play football and bring that championship to RAIDERNATION!!!!!!

  8. It’s fine. Donald. You’re kind of expendable…
    Move osemele to LT, bring gabe back to LG(where he played great as a rookie), Hudson at center and let the young guys battle it out on the right side. Mike Tice is an established o line coach. It’s a little unexpected surprise but I think we can manage. Pen is going into his mid 30’s and wants to handle his hold out like a guy in his second contract. Sorry brother. You knew what you were signing last year. If you wanted more money you should have brought that up earlier this offseason. Don’t distract from our young talented team who still has plenty of room to grow. We’re trying to accomplish something big, and with out sugar coating it, It’s bigger than one man. We have a strong group of guys on the o line. And all of them would love to keep carr’s jersey clean on Sundays. If Reggie is going to budge I say add $3 mil to his salary. If not. Let him walk. We still need to get a MLB.

  9. Yes he gave up just one sack, but what a sack it was it sent Carr on the DL for the rest of the season. At his age you can hardly argue that he is in the top 10 rated tackles. The whole thing is simple what alternative does the Raider have at his position. Three options; Put someone else on the roster there, make a trade for someone from another team, or pay the man.

    1. He is better than top 10, try top 5. He was the best pass blocking LT in the NFL last yr and was top 5 in RB, which is an elite LT to say the least. He deserves to be paid like a top top 10 LT.

  10. The biggest problem here is not what the team has available, or even what Penn is worth. The question Reggie will have to answer is this. ‘Do we want to be seen as an organization where holdouts are rewarded?’ I agree that DP is worth more than he’s making, however, rewarding public displays of discontent can be deadly to a GM’s negotiating power. It will set a precedent for all future contract negotiations that, if you’re not happy with what the team is offering, just go off in the corner and pout til they come give you your present. That being said, I agree that there’s a middle ground that can be reached. Just my 2 cents.

  11. So funny that the article title claims that Raider Nation wants to pay him yet, most comments I see say the complete opposite! I feel as though he should have brought that up months ago! He had the entire off-season to bring this up and decided to wait until right before camp to whine about! He was good but, age started showing at the end of last season so, that means he might pick up where he left off, Carr’s broken leg and a big fat loss in the wild card!

    1. All writers support the player in all situations, they love the drama as it creates something to write about. Donald Penn is 34. We can live without Him by signing someone like Zack Orr or even shuffling the line. Like someone earlier said, He had all off season to bring this to Reggie’s attention. We waived Austin and He saw this as His chance to strike. He just got a new contract in 2016. Only has a year left. Just 2 weeks ago on “NFL Now” Penn was saying that He isn’t playing for money at this stage of His career but a Superbowl. What a liar, protect the public image but a prima donna behind the scenes. Let Him sit and rot, find a replacement and move forward. Derek said He made sure to take care of other players in His signing but Donald takes care of Donald. Carr has a lightning quick release and that’s made Penn look better than He is…Don’t forget He was cut in Tampa… We rejuvenated his career. If He was blocking for a slower quarterback there would be sacks a plenty. Cut the bum…

  12. Ive been a LOYAL raider my entire life and will ride with them till the day I die, I do see why fans are upset because he did sign a contract, I see his side because he’s a top talent pro at his position, fans seem to forget that the NFL is not like the days of old any more where the players played for the love and passion of the game. The owners are greedy, with no LOYALTY except for the owner of the dolphins who voted no on the raiders move to Vegas, If Penn were to get hurt were he couldn’t play anymore the organization would just move on and replace him, just like how they are replacing Oakland with Vegas No LOYALTY, so why not ask for a raise, is it really going to hurt them….

    1. Yes. We are already hurt , day 1 of training camp and he turns Oakland into a circus show over chump change $money$. He got his contract last year. We don’t need a money hungry old 35 year old O lineman who let our QB get hurt.

    2. The move He’s making hurts his team mates and causes an unnecesary distraction at the worst possible time. It’s a real asshat move! All players on every team consider injuries with every signing. It’s built into every contract. The team doesn’t get money back if the player plays like crap either. honor the deal then negotiate.

  13. Our team makes Penn a top 5 talent. Hudsen, Osemele, Jackson, Alexander, Faliciano, etc. That’s why he’s good. Our Team! Kick Rocks fat boy. Oakland is Smokin Hot. We got this. Drama free. Go to some other team and ruin their season.

  14. Donald Penn is a very good LT. He signed the contract to play and I think he should “man up” and keep his word. Hopefully they can work things out, like restructure his deal and everyone will be happy. /There has to be some middle ground.

  15. Where did Mr Tafur pull this tidbit from? “The Raiders are “not happy” about the impending holdout of Pro Bowl left tackle Donald Penn, according to the San Francisco Chronicle’s Vic Tafur.” Every comment section, chat room, and forum that I’ve been to is anti-Penn 5-1. Seem like you decided that you are RaiderNation??? Ha! Stop defending players that have no defense, your Raider Hater is showing…

  16. 5 months work for seven million and he is upset. Most people just can’t understand that line of thinking. Me included. You signed a contract for a huge sum of money. Be happy dude and get your butt in camp! Your a fan favorite So don’t cop an attitude or this will be your last year with the team you claim to love.

  17. Quoting JDR there’s a time to play and a time to pay. DP is holding the Raiders and their fans to a ransom. Leaves a bad taste even if the issue is resolved. Why have a contract in the first place. Perhaps DC change his mind too.

  18. I love Penn.. But these guys never take less when they play poorly.. But they always want more when they do.. A contract is a Contract. Get your *** to Camp.. Carr needs you..

  19. Keep his 2017 contract the same, so you can avoid having other players try to change their contracts half way through. Then sign him to an extension for 2018. Give him (let’s just say) a one year 14 million dollar deal, with 4 million guaranteed. Give that guaranteed 4 million as a signing bonus, and put it on the 2017 cap. the remaining 10 million would go to the 2018 cap, but without being guaranteed. the Raiders have the option of keeping him for 2018, at essentially 10 million, or releasing him, and take zero cap hit. Penn gets 10 million for 2017, and could get another 10 for 2018.
    Win win!
    Get it done.

  20. What a distraction right at start of camp….DP should just get his *** out there and play so he can redeem himself for letting our brilliant DC go down with a broken fibula….Get back out there show Carr you have his back….then ask for the money when we bring a title back to OAKLAND!!RAIDER NATION FOR LIFE!!!!

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