Bonsignore: There is a “Must Have” Player For the Raiders to Sign in Free Agency

Is there a ‘must have’ player that the Raiders can’t afford to miss in free agency?

According to Vinny Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal,there is.

“Frankly, [John Johnson] is a must-have player for the Raiders,” Bonsignore wrote on Saturday. “With the Chargers potentially in pursuit, reeling him in would not only strengthen the Raiders but also keep him away from a division rival. Johnson lands in Las Vegas on a four-year, $51-million contract, with $26 million guaranteed. The lack of state tax in Nevada helps offset the Chargers’ offer.”

According to Pro Football Focus analytics, Johnson was the Rams second-highest graded player on defense in 2020 (trailing only Aaron Donald). Johnson turned 25 in December and would seemingly be a perfect fit for Gus Bradley’s defense at free safety.

Unfortunately, Bonsignore is correct that the Chargers are strong suitors for Johnson and like the Raiders, they are loaded with salary cap room. That’s good news for Johnson, but guarantees that neither team will be getting a bargain on the coveted safety. As Bonsignore pointed out, state taxes could be a factor in where Johnson ultimately ends up playing. On the same contract, a player would end up saving a huge amount of money by playing in the state of Nevada as opposed to California (particularly on a deal worth $50 million).

Free agency in the NFL officially begins on March 17, but with ‘legal tampering’ beginning March 15, we may get news of where Johnson intends to sign even sooner.

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4 thoughts on “Bonsignore: There is a “Must Have” Player For the Raiders to Sign in Free Agency

  1. He will be extremely expensive. I understand the need because our DB core is young but why not just sign Earl Thomas for a year? Draft a young DB he can teach the Gus B system.

    Our top priority in free agency(although not a free agent) should be Danielle Hunter

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