Bovada: Chargers Favorites To Win AFC West, Raiders Close Second

It took a lot of bad football, but the Raiders were able to achieve at least two things with their 6-10 season of a year ago: a new coach and a friendly 2018 schedule.

Among those who have taken notice are the bookies (and the computer programs) in Las Vegas.

It’s only May, but you can already bet on individual NFL games and division winners, and the Super Bowl, too.

The Bovada in Las Vegas advertises its odds online and the Chargers are their early favorite to win the AFC West – with the Raiders given the next best odds at the division.

As Super Bowls odds go, the Raiders are much farther down the list (and interestingly behind Kansas City).

The Chargers have been the hot pick to win the AFC West by most publications, but there has not been much of a consensus on how the Raiders will fare under Jon Gruden.

Some seem to be convinced that Gruden’s second stint in Oakland will be nowhere near as pleasant as his first.

Others, like yours truly, believe the Raiders are better off under Gruden than any previous coach in Oakland since… well, Jon Gruden.

For what it’s worth, Raider fans on twitter are giving slightly better odds on the division than Bovada.

twitter: @raidersbeat