Breer: Antonio Brown Was Considered By Far The Hardest Working Player In Pittsburgh

The past few months have offered no shortage of media pundits weighing in on Antonio Brown and the impact he is going to have on the Raiders.

Everyone knows Brown is among the best ever, but what about his character and impact on a Raiders locker room still needing veteran leadership?

Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer discussed the Raiders and Brown on Thursday and noted that for most of his time in Pittsburgh, AB was actually one of the effective leaders on the team. Derek Carr talked this week about Brown’s work ethic being unmatched by anyone he has been around and according to Breer, the sentiment in Pittsburgh was no different.

“I’ve had more than one Steelers official tell me he was the team’s hardest worker and there was no close second the last few years,” Breer said of Brown. “If you get that, and a little less of the drama you had, he doesn’t need to be Mr. Vocal. As long as he sets the right example, that’s enough.”

“I’m seeing a lot of people group [Brown, Burfict, and Incognito] together, and I actually think it’s kind of silly to do that,” Breer continued. “To me, Richie Incognito and Vontaze Burfict are two players that have had a host of issues; the team is buying low on them, and the players can be ditched at the first sign of trouble. Both guys meet new GM Mike Mayock’s requirement for football character, and will have prove their human character the next few months, [but] Brown is different. His issues are more isolated than Burfict’s or Incognito’s and the Raiders are not buying low on him. He’s the second-highest paid player on the roster behind the quarterback, and brings a boatload of star power – which means he’s going to have pull in the locker room from Day 1.”

Certainly Brown is a risk for the Raiders in terms of what he could bring to the team as a personality, but Breer is one of the few talking heads that doesn’t seem anxious to spin Brown’s arrival in Oakland as a disaster that has already happened. The dynamics between Brown and Carr should be different than what AB experienced in Pittsburgh and there’s no question that Brown already feels more appreciation in Oakland than what he felt in Pittsburgh.

Steelers officials would probably agree on that, too.

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