Welcome To May… Where We Complain About Who Derek Carr Has Blocked On Twitter

It’s the last week of May and football stories don’t always create themselves this time of year. It’s in these slow news cycles that the sports community too often relies on personalities like Stephen. A. Smith and Skip Bayless to slobber goofy narratives and create conversations that otherwise reasonable people would never think to discuss.

Such was the case on Thursday night when ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio went back to stir a familiar pot with Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. Florio, for whatever reason, took offense to the fact that Carr does not prefer read ProFootballTalk’s commentary on his football and personal life.

It’s understandable that Florio would be disappointed that he’s blocked, but to call Carr “fragile” for blocking his twitter page is certainly a hypocritical maneuver on Florio’s part. Remember, it was Florio who blocked Carr’s brother, Darren, for clapping back at comments Florio has made about Derek in the past. Florio also blocked The Athletic’s Vic Tafur in March after disputing where one of Florio’s writers found his information (it was obviously from Tafur’s story, but it’ll never be proven in court).

So yes, Florio was definitely casting rocks from the roof of his particularly unsturdy glass house last night.

But why did Carr block Florio?

Well, Profootballtalk isn’t the first to be blocked by Carr and Derek has said in the past that he doesn’t like to jump on twitter to read negativity about his team and his teammates – and presumably himself, too. Carr has also taken exception to members of the media who have attacked his character. Florio calling Carr “fragile” would certainly qualify as a personal attack, but remember Florio also questioned Derek’s faith back in January in one of the more harebrained opinions you’re going to ever read about Carr.

Derek certainly isn’t perfect. He has thrown more than a few stupid interceptions and made remarks that he admitted he wished he had kept to himself (Screamin’ A. Smith comes to mind), but there aren’t many who dedicate more of their time and money to the betterment of others than Carr. To question Carr’s faith because he shares normal emotions was foolish on Florio’s part… and one of the great reasons why you can win a free t-shirt from the Raider Cody Podcast by showing up to the block party this week.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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