Burfict ejected, but look at what the Patriots got away with on Sunday

After being penalized and ejected for helmet-to-helmet collision, the Raiders could soon be without Vontaze Burfict for a spell if the NFL chooses to suspend him. Considering his history of illegal hits, it would not be a surprise if the league decides to do more than issue a fine to Burfict this week.

Certainly Burfict deserved a penalty for lowering his helmet. But after seeing what the Patriots got away with on Sunday, it’s once again ridiculous how blind NFL officials can be with the Pats. Anytime Tom Brady is breathed on, he gets a flag, but the Patriots can knock a quarterback unconscious and no one is ejected. In fact, because of offsetting penalties, New England wasn’t even penalized for the hit.

Bradley Gelber on Twitter

Josh Allen knocked out cold. Vicious, unnecessary hit on a defenseless runner. #Bills https://t.co/nG0ySY1lXr

And speaking of Brady, look at what isn’t intentional grounding for him…

Matthew on Twitter

The referee just called Joe Flacco fit intentional grounding down the field with a man in the end zone but this isn’t https://t.co/87TlIU6awE

As for the Raiders, they can’t complain about officiating this week, but Derek Carr took a hit to the head last week that somehow went unnoticed. For whatever reason, Carr isn’t great at drawing penalties when he gets crushed. Maybe that’s a skill he can be working on.

But one of his skills that did not go unnoticed on Sunday… has Carr been working on his no-look pass?

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Was I the only one that noticed this no-look pass by @derekcarrqb? 👀 https://t.co/UBwSeGrICL

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9 thoughts on “Burfict ejected, but look at what the Patriots got away with on Sunday

  1. The NFL has chosen teams that have different rules and the Patriots and Rams fit that role. Brady might as well have flags on his hips and not bother wearing padding…The NFL & WWE are entertainment first and sports competition second.

  2. Why is a raider’s publication “worried” about a Patriots game for anyway? You have enough problems of your own to be the little tattle tell kid in the corner.

  3. Burfict should have been ejected and fined heavily, maybe even a couple of weeks’ suspension, but for the entire year seems ridicules. But that’s the NFL for you, making a scapegoat and an example out of a player or team they don’t care for. As mentioned above, Brady and the Patriots get away with almost everything as they are one of the darlings of the NFL. What will be interesting to watch in the coming weeks are similar helmet to helmet hits and what the NFL does about it, along with similar incidents listed above regarding Josh Allen.
    Maybe Roger Goodel has a season pass to one of Bob Kraft’s Asian massage parlors. Tough to give up perks like that.

    1. You obviously don’t know burfict’s history or have read the story on it the reason for whole season suspension is this is not his first time doing this nor his second nor his third and last time he did this he was told that consequences would increase if he did it again well he did it again further if you watch the play and when he was ejected from the game he was laughing and smiling about it this is a long time coming for him as for hefty fine he has totaled over 4mil in fines due to these type of hits not he is losing all this year’s salary and not being able to play good for the NFL on this one he has been a destructive player since his college days that’s why he went undrafted even do your homework further the pats player that did the hit there was a flag thrown for it but during the play there was a flag on both sides and the penalties off set so don’t act like they didn’t call it when they did. Again do your homework.

  4. My god…
    Stop tucking your b@@ls
    In between your legs..everytime
    Some happens to the patriots..

    I guess 1976…after we whipped you 45-18..
    In the playoff you got away with 3 penlties..no calls
    1- the hit on russ franciss
    2- denying sam cunnigham a 1st down..ref moved chains
    3-lastly the hit on stabler by sugar bear hamilton that wasnt roughing the passer in any era..

    My god…what happened the black hole…?
    You such wussies now..

  5. Upsetting that ppl compared his hit to what happened at the pats game one during the Colts game this guy was down not running and got hit two this is not the first time burfeict has done these type of hits. Turning the pats game Allen took off running and lowered at the same time the defensive back did it was clearly not on purpose were as burfeict hit was he even left the game laughing and smiling about it so again no compassion and both were even penalized for it so seriously no comparison.

  6. I saw 2 passes that should have been called on new England and the hit on the bills qb is what the rule was made to protect all players. This is the very thing that keeps me from enjoying pro football if the refs don’t call it the individual teams should punish their own players just as if they had been caught using a banned substance. That’s when things will change or they will keep losing players and fans.

  7. This is idiotic. There’s no such thing as a “defenseless runner.” Allen lowered his head to deliver a blow and try to get the first down. Jones lowered his shoulder and turned his head. Watch the replay.

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