Report: Jaguars offered two first-round picks for Jalen Ramsey, Raiders still in the hunt?

Even after the Jaguars won another game on Sunday, it’s starting to feel like Jalen Ramsey won’t be playing again until he has a new contract.

Ramsey sat out again today with back pain (if you believe that) as a report this morning indicated that Jacksonville has been offered two first-round picks for the All Pro cornerback.

“Numerous clubs remain very interested in Ramsey… who requested a trade earlier this month, and whom the Jaguars engaged in trade talks about before sending signals that they now intend to keep him,” CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora reported on Sunday. “The Jaguars could have had two first-round picks from one club, according to a league source, but believed those selections would end up too close to 32nd overall for their liking.”

The Raiders were known to be interested in Ramsey and should still be considered a potential suitor despite the report that Jacksonville turned down two first-round picks. According to the trade chart, the 30th pick in the draft is worth roughly half of what the 11th pick is valued at. So two late-first round picks could probably be matched if Oakland offered just one if their own first-round picks (based on where most of the league likely projects them to finish this year).

Unfortunately for the Raiders, though, the Bears first-round pick in 2020 is losing value and seems destined to fall again in the bottom half of the round.

As for Ramsey, he’d be a great fit in the Oakland secondary, but the Raiders’ bigger issue right now seems to be their pass rush, which was again lacking on Sunday. But as Jon Gruden once said, good pass rushers are hard to find – so only fair to be patient on that front.

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6 thoughts on “Report: Jaguars offered two first-round picks for Jalen Ramsey, Raiders still in the hunt?

  1. We just can’t take that’s player demand to get traded and before they get settled in they act irrational so they can be so disruptive there new team releases them and then they become free agent so no thank you !

  2. Raiders don’t make that trade, he’s not worth 2 first rounders. You already lost a 3rd and a 5th for Brown and your getting nothing for it.

  3. Except you had the best pass rusher in the game and you never even talked to him before you traded him away. You’ll get to meet him this Sunday in London. Good luck from a bitter Raider fan who wishes we still had Cooper too.

  4. We’ve got to get this mess together before heading to Vegas NEW HOUSE NEW HEART AND IMAGE SILVER AND BLACK ATTACK LET’S JUST WIN BABY

  5. Good rushers are hard to find 😒 funny coming from a guy that traded away our best pass rusher since Justin Tuck 😭 bench Carr and fire Gruden along with Mayock

  6. I wish Jalen Ramsey would reçonsider. Jaguars have a back up playing like an All Pro. Plus a Super Bowl winning QB healing. The defense has stepped up. He should ignore Com Coughlin’s slave drive mentality and finish the season with a great year then get out. It’s a possibility that great things could happen for the Jags this year

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