Bye week offers perfect opportunity for Raiders to add Stefon Diggs or A.J. Green

Who knows if Jon Gruden was interested in adding a wide receiver before the trip to London, but after a convincing win against the Bears, the Raiders should definitely be looking for a receiver now.

Going into their bye week, the Raiders (3-2) are only a game behind the Chiefs in the AFC West and right in the middle of the AFC Wild Card hopefuls. Gruden’s offense has found an identity and the only dynamic holding back the offense now might be the absence of a top-level wide receiver to play across from Tyrell Williams.

Two names that come to mind as potential trade targets are Stefon Diggs and A.J. Green. Diggs is younger (25) and comes with a hefty $72 million contract, while Green (31) is expensive for this year and will become a free agent next year. Despite the Bengals and Vikings saying that their star receivers aren’t available, one or both of the receivers are likely to be dealt before the trade deadline. Green, in particular, makes the most sense to be on the trade block as the Bengals are not expected to re-sign him after the season. Cincinnati is 0-5 and the only sensible decision for them would be to begin stockpiling draft picks.

A report over the weekend indicated that Green would probably fetch a first-round pick if traded – which seems like a steep price. A second-round pick would be a little more palatable (though the Raiders don’t have one in 2020) and it’s possible that a high third-round pick could be enough. Diggs is worth a first-round pick, but the Vikings have no real reason to trade him other than for the fact that he doesn’t want to play for them anymore – which may or may not be a good reason to let him leave.

Both Diggs and Green would fit well into Gruden’s offense and it would make sense for the Raiders to be aggressive in trying to get one of them. Furthermore, there would be no better time to add a receiver than during the bye week and that means the next few days might be an active time for Gruden, who isn’t likely to sit back and wait for a receiver to come to him.

For what it’s worth, this was the opinion of Raider fans on Twitter before the weekend games…

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2 thoughts on “Bye week offers perfect opportunity for Raiders to add Stefon Diggs or A.J. Green

  1. Not sure whom this Brown is that you speak of, but Green or Diggs would be a great addition.

  2. I was just about to say that: who the eff is Brown? C’mon fellas. Remember this: “F*ck AB! F*ck AB!!” hahaha..
    I’d say Chucky would move in the older 6’4″ Green as he pry looking for 1-2 year deal just what Gruden goes for. Cheers!

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