Oakland Raiders – Raider Cody Podcast EP.50 (vs. Chicago Bears)

EP.50 – Return of the Who? (vs. Bears)

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The Oakland Raiders had a statement to make this weekend in London. While Khalil Mack and the Chicago Bears gave media outlets early hints that Mack wanted to prove the Raiders wrong (with the trade), Jon Gruden had his sights set on shutting him down and showcasing his rookie RB Josh Jacobs, who was had in the trade.

There were plenty of things to happy about with this game, there were also some moments that made you question the direction the refs were taking it. We pulled off the win the only way we know how, with a nail biter. Derek Carr earned his 17 game-winning drive (tied with Ken Stabler as the Raiders leader), and Josh Jacobs continues to make tremendous progress in the Raiders record books as well.

This win was needed, but the “bye week” coming up is even more needed. Guys like Tyrell Williams, JJ Nelson, Gabe Jackson & Dwayne Harris could all be making a return after this break.

Enjoy this win, Raider Nation.


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  1. Listen 2 how contradicting the reports media continues 2 air. Mack gave hints that he wanted 2 prove Raiders messed up by trading him but they just reported that Mack had in fact stated he did not want 2 play 4 Gruden n Raiders which would then make any proving Raiders wrong bs. Media needs 2 get a clue

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