Carr: I Hope Jon Gruden Is Really Hard On Me

It’s been one of the most ridiculous narratives of the latest Jon Gruden era in Oakland – the idea that Derek Carr will somehow be uncomfortable or too sensitive to handle a head coach like Gruden.

Carr addressed those theories Monday during a segment on the Bay Area’s 95.7 The Game.

“I’m going to be completely honest with you, I hope he’s really hard on me and I think that he will be.”

“If anybody knows anything about me, which not a lot of people do because they don’t take the time, they would know that some of my best years I’ve had are with — not only in the NFL but in college — are with coaches that are extremely tough on me and extremely demanding. And for me, that’s nothing.”

“That’s where I thrive because as long as I know you care about me, you love me, you can say whatever you want to me as long as it’s helping me get better. So, I don’t think this is going to be a problem at all.”

Gruden will be tough on Carr, but it’s worth noting how many of Gruden’s former quarterbacks have come out and talked about how important Gruden was for their careers.

Carr will be no different.

There will be no personality problems.

The better should be… how will officiating crews handle Gruden’s tough love?

They haven’t been particularly receptive to his colorful critiques in the past.

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