Did The NFL Give The Raiders A Rooney Rule Pass In Exchange For Signing Colin Kaepernick?

A report on Saturday night indicated that the Raiders might be interested in signing Colin Kaepernick to backup Derek Carr.

From a football standpoint, the idea made some sense.

But according to Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman, there may have been more to the story.

Freeman says he was told that the league wanted to give the Raiders a pass on any Rooney Rule violations in exchange for the team signing Colin Kaepernick – and hopefully end the collusion case Kaepernick filed against the NFL.

Now wouldn’t that be a story.

For what it’s worth, nothing from Freeman’s report (if you can call it that) suggested the Raiders may have gone along with any such proposal by the league.

Make of it what you will, but the story is out there – and it sounds about how the NFL might try to handle a situation like this… doesn’t it?

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15 thoughts on “Did The NFL Give The Raiders A Rooney Rule Pass In Exchange For Signing Colin Kaepernick?

  1. Where do you guys get this garbage? Think back to Kap’s draft class. Al Davis was very open about wanting Kap. San Fran traded up to take him before the Raiders. In today’s NFL, the Rooney Rule ( despite Mr Davis being the first owner to hire a Hispanic, Black or woman in ex cutive positions) is a joke. Owners know who they want. It’s not a secret. That’s who they hire. Granting BS interviews doesn’t change a thing. The rule is a farce. If the Raiders complied, by NFL estimation, then they complied. If Kap is smart, and I believe he is, he will leave his social justice stuff for when he isn’t working, like every other working stiff, for his off time. He is a talented guy who I would love to see get another chance to show what a good football player and teammate he is. The rest is a distraction. Coach Belichek says it best. Do Your Job!

    1. I believe you can expect that, should Kap get another chance, he’ll downplay the political activism while he’s on the field. Her’s even said he would stand for the anthem. He’s done, and is doing, a lot of good social work in private, which I would expect him to continue doing whether or not he ever plays again. It, along with football, is his passion.

  2. Hope this is true. Kap deserves it, and he would be a significant upgrade over Cook, so the Raiders would benefit by having a solid backup.

    1. This is the silliness that gets printed during the slow news, SB “bye” week!!!! Gruden LOVES Cook. Go back and watch Gruden’s QB camp comments about him. Kapernick’s style conflicts with Carr’s while Cook’s is nearly identical, so the Raiders would need to design, implement and practice for 2 different offensive schemes.
      Kapernick is a distraction who is not worth it. Kapernick is not a high IQ player and is completely incapable of mastering Gruden’s constantly changing play-book.
      We saw what pseudo-“political awareness” did to this team last year. I believe that Gruden will not tolerate any further distractions that might get in the way of a successful return to Football! I want to watch players committed to “doing their job,” and nothing else.

      1. I keep reading about how Kap was a distraction for the team, yet all the 49ers interviewed about Kap and his politics spoke highly of him and said he actually helped unite the locker room. He even won an award for it. So, enough of that “silliness”.

        Kap ain’t Joe Montana, but he is average, or better, on a good team, which the Niners have become since he left. He, and a few other q’backs – including some who have gone on to do better elsewhere – failed on what was probably the worst Niner team ever. He does have trouble reading the field, as do practically all the backups in the league. That’s why they are backups. But he does have a strong arm and is one of the best running quarterbacks ever. Having two different schemes is not a problem for someone like Gruden. And, bottom line, he is an upgrade over Cook, who also has trouble reading defenses and, last time we saw him, showed a lot of inconsistency in his throws.

  3. Why does the NFL responsible for Kap. He alone made this mess. Let him fix it too.

    1. So it’s a mess cause he decided to speak out against the injustice minorities are facing at the hands of cops, but everyone ( the league included) made it about disrespecting the flag. So explain how HE MADE IT A MESS

      1. The ‘MESS’ was made by our society. He has sacrificed his career to right injustices against people of color. He is a true hero, although much of professional football fandom will never see this and will choose to bury their heads in the sand about it.

      2. There is a time and place for speaking out,,,,,work is NOT the forum for that……DISTRACTION,,,,period. Nuff said!

  4. Whether it’s true or not it would be good for both QBS. Look what Gruden did for Rich Gannon. Now if Kap goes thru a whole training camp and season with the Raiders I think he has a starting job somewhere the following year. Conversely DC benefits from the teaching and the competition.

  5. He’s a cancer. Does no one remember him stealing a team mates women? Does no ome remember the things crabtree said about him. NO HELL NO

  6. Keapetnick got the wrong end of the stick. He would be a **** good backup for Car and an asset to the Raiders. Rooney rule not a joke but easy to get around. Good luck to Cap and the Raiders a good deal for both

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