Charles Woodson Thinks the Raiders Will Stick With Derek Carr in 2020

With two weeks to go in the regular season, everyone else is weighing in on who should play quarterback for the Raiders next year, so why not get the opinion of one of the greatest Raiders to ever wear the silver and black?

Charles Woodson appeared on the Rich Eisen Show on Wednesday and was asked about Carr’s status with the Raiders. Safe to say, Woodson isn’t on team #RaidersTwitter when it comes to his opinion of Carr.

“I think it’ll be Derek Carr,” Woodson told Eisen when asked who would quarterback the Raiders next year. “I don’t see them moving on from Derek Carr at this point. Derek Carr is a good quarterback. I don’t see why anybody would see otherwise and I don’t how anybody would come to the conclusion that Derek wouldn’t be the quarterback next season… when I look at the team and it’s far more than Derek on that field.”

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Who’ll be the #RaiderNation starting QB when the team kicks off the 2020 season in Las Vegas? @CharlesWoodson thinks there’s only one answer:

For what it’s worth, Gruden has been asked about Carr and the Raiders offense and his responses have been all over the board. Gruden has talked about Carr being too aggressive and in the same day talked about how he (Gruden) is getting old and wants to open up the offense.

Whatever the Raiders do with Carr, good luck getting an idea of what’s coming from Gruden. He’s good for a printable quote, but is as much an entertainer as he is a head coach when the media and microphones get in his face.

Woodson, on the other hand, has only ever said it how it is. Not that his opinion probably matters a lot to anyone making decisions in Oakland… or Las Vegas… or wherever the Raiders officially call home in a few weeks.

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2 thoughts on “Charles Woodson Thinks the Raiders Will Stick With Derek Carr in 2020

  1. I absolutely agree with 2-4,Carr hasn’t even reached his prime yet and when he does I’m gonna sit back,relax and enjoy the game.

  2. Look it’s time to upgrade from Carr , like his brother (my opinion) he’s reached his ceiling. Before injury he played much more instinctively, free & fun. Now he wants to be so nice, holds the ball to long , decision making has fallen short,not willing to do w.e needed to win. He’s happy being a good/average , I want a QB not scared to make a mistake get back up & run 5 yard if he got to. Carr isn’t that guy

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