Report: Rumors that Raiders Have Decided to Move on From Derek Carr are “Full of it”

Remember the quarterback rumors that dominated the Raider rumor mill a year ago?

Of course you do.

Well, get ready. Because they are coming again. In fact, they have already begun. Two reports from The Athletic this week have hinted that Derek Carr might be down to his last couple games with the Raiders. There is even a team employee very carefully choosing his words, but implying the same message.

Nevertheless, a report on Wednesday, that also happened to come via The Athletic, called into question any news that Jon Gruden has decided against keeping Carr.

“As for Carr, the thing people are missing is that Gruden doesn’t want him to be more aggressive — he blamed the field goals early against the Jaguars on not checking it down more,” The Athletic’s Vic Tafur wrote on Wednesday. “It’s a work in progress, and everyone was praising both of them when the team was 6-4. Anyone who says that Gruden has already decided that he is moving on from Carr is full of it.”

Certainly the back and forth will go on for at least another few months and expect about every other mock draft to link a quarterback to the Raiders with one of their first-round picks… and those mocks will whiff on the wide receiver Gruden will demand in the first round to pair up with the wide receiver he traded for a few weeks earlier.

Just a guess. That’s all.

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31 thoughts on “Report: Rumors that Raiders Have Decided to Move on From Derek Carr are “Full of it”

  1. Would Brady, Brees or the State Farm quarterbacks be able to lead this team? I don’t think so your number one receiver quits before the first game, a number of injuries with the other receivers and your offense line. Your defense is very young and at this point are injured and still learning.
    I am just as pissed off of losing but we still have a team that will win just not in Oakland anymore.
    The Patriots would take Carr and make him into the star he can be.

  2. Really sick of all the dumping on Carr … finish building the team in all areas, WR, Defense !!!!! and you will see the Derek Carr of a few years back AND if people really paid attention to the games, you would see how good Carr really is

  3. Car has made some dum mistakes not run when he should to get yardage and also his receiver should no how to get Open when he is in trouble there not like other receivers don’t CAR’S FOUT ALL THE TIME GET PLAYERS WHO WANT TO PLAY AND WIN (JUST LIKE BIG AI SAY JUST WIN BABY IM TRUE TO THAT A TRUE RAIDER🏈😎

    1. You should have more than a third grader education. That entire post made me feel dumb. Your opinion is invalid, Use half of your “brain” and maybe it would be considered. Until then I suggest applying for a handicap placard and disability checks. Leave the sports opinions to literate people.

    2. Carrs half the player he is after his injuries! He doesn’t have that reckless abandoned anymore! Especially now after all that money he was given! Like he said about Brown No I’ll feelings towards him We need a leader and a Fanchise QB When we Move into our new DIGS for Carr it’s TIME TO GO!!

  4. Gruden is happy with Carr for now. I think they’ll keep Carr around for at least one or two years. I also think that the team should get a LB with are first pick and try to trade down with the second pick + the (sea) 3rd round for a 1st,2nd, and a 3rd rounder or a CB

  5. Derek Carr a young QB from Fresno St gave time to speak to my HS football team. That year I met HS sophomore QB Josh Allen (Bills) after we beat his team he shared same qualities, humble, hard working, and inspiring to all here. Young Josh Allen and I walked across field to parking lot talking football goals, life, etc. Special QB’s you can mold into your process are priceless. They will grow as you acquire pieces to create model teams like Patriots. Ab type talent for Carr with a Renfro, Waller, Jacobs, etc was plan. Carr is priceless and stayed humble, through setbacks to teams personnel. I love coaching football for 25 yrs, Teams win, not individuals. Derek is a team guy, family guy, giver to less fortunates, I think in our world that guy would be most important as a model to our kids, leaders of men and women, etc.
    I was blessed to share my love of FB with quality men.
    What is the real perspective? from a drunk fan soured by team loss or real people who understand how rare these guys are in life? DC is a bargain!!

  6. Look number 1 gruden did not want carr,2 carr has not been t h e same since his leg injury,3 it’s not all his fualt, onky one reciver to throw to,4 the refs enough said,5 the defense cordinator has to go,6 better secondary help, don’t pay any of them,7carr has miss alot of open recivers,8 the game has change you need a moble qb,9 if your not a racist, an you truly understand about a protest for the right thing, sign capernick,10 if you watch when gruden had his qb show you heard him say to colin he would live him to be his qb.

    1. It’s not about racism. It’s about what he did on a national stage that wasn’t his. If he wanted to do this for racial equality then he needed to do it on his own time and money. But I guess he didn’t want to spend his own money on his stance for what he believes in. RIGHT!!!!!!!!

      1. T.C.
        I believe kap had spent millions of his on money on helping less fortunate and supporting his stance. I just don’t understand how one picks and chooses what is allowed to be spoken about on the national stage. Idk about you but I rather have a guy on my team who cares about the plight of others before I employ a rapist (Big Ben), wife beater ( list too long), or a murderer (Ray Lewis)

  7. Personally, I am done watching until they ditch Carr. I have literally no sympathy for him. This isn’t the feel good league. He can’t cut it, we CAN’T move forward with Carr. He can take his 100 million dollars and move on.

  8. I have been raiders fan since Blanda and The Snake. I’m from Wis.and I got sick of run run pass punt from the GB Packers. I’ve been a Chucky fan since day one. He knows what he is doing DC is not going anywhere.

  9. We don’t need to get rid of Carr we need to get him the receivers he currently doesn’t have. Carr doesn’t play defense so that too will be addressed. Since the Raiders are moving into the right direction with the players they drafted this Year and next Years draft picks and the current cap space available we can build to fill those gaps that Carr needs to be more successful and our defense to keep us in games.

  10. I believe everything published made a great deal of sense.
    But, consider this, suppose you added a little information? I mean, I don’t want to
    tell you how to run your blog, but suppose you added a title that grabbed a person’s attention? I mean Report:
    Rumors that Raiders Have Decided to Move on From Derek Carr are
    “Full of it” – Raiders Beat is a little boring.
    You might glance at Yahoo’s home page and note how they create post titles to get
    people to open the links. You might add a related video or a
    picture or two to grab readers excited about what you’ve written. Just my opinion, it would make your posts a little livelier.

  11. I’m more than done hearing all you talk **** about Carr. This is a team game!!! Look at the team! Carr has made mistakes, hes human. If you think we can just bring in some new QB from the draft think again. First off, we have no DBs, thats what the focus on the draft should be first. We need shutdown DBs. Once all Carr’s weapons are back healthy and whoever else they bring aboard we will be fine. Carr is a solid QB. Give him his weapons, and he’ll pick defenses apart like hes done while they were playing and healthy. 2021 is gonna be our first serious contending year…2020 should go 10-6. GO RAIDERS!

  12. From Minnesota I think carr is a great qb he doesn’t get the credit he deserves you need great teammates around you to make you good also common sense!

  13. Gruden isn’t stupid he knows Carr isn’t the same ever since that first injury few years ago..For now Gruden saying all right things so he can get much as possible for Carr in a offeseason trade..if he says he wants new QB he won’t get nothing for Carr ..I truly believe Carr is done as a Raider after this season …and I do trust Gruden and Mayock to find a new age QB..

  14. What is it with defensive coordinators on this team. Ken Norton overstayed his welcome by at least two years, and Paul Guenther has shown that he can’t get it done, for some time. I’m sure it’s hard to find a good DC, but this one just ain’t workin’ out. The Raiders’ pass defense is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. And it’s not just the talent level. On too many plays, they just seem totally confused, and a lot of the blame for that has to go to the DC

  15. Derek Carr will be a Raider for as long as Gruden and Mayock say so!! Further, The Raiders will go to Las Vegas and Win the Superbowl in their first season, just like they did in LA. Writing is on the WALL….

  16. Carr needs to go…Mark my words, if they don’t trade him at the end of the year, we will have the same record in 2020, or worse. The play calling is awful, and Gruden doesn’t know what he’s doing…

  17. I love my raiders I was born and raised in Oakland I’m tried of seeing some of the player quit and the quarterback gets cold feet we need a quarterback

  18. If any of you think you know what Gruden will do you are a liar. You can stand on your box and act like you know all but simply put if Gruden wakes up and decides it is time for Carr to go he will go. Does not even matter if he did not feel so the day before. Gruden is who he is and he will randomly make decisions that you do no understand. So quit trying to act like you know it all and everyone else is not in the loop you feel that you are in. You have no idea what will happen anymore than anyone else does you twit.

  19. Carrs half the player he is after his injuries! He doesn’t have that reckless abandoned anymore! Especially now after all that money he was given! Like he said about Brown No I’ll feelings towards him We need a leader and a Fanchise QB When we Move into our new DIGS for Carr it’s TIME TO GO!!

  20. I am a die hard Raiders fan from Va. and I am just SICK and TIRED of DEREK CARR!!! He’s got to go!!! Leave him in Oakland, or wherever!!! He’s only extra baggage going to Las Vegas!!! His pass attempt per yards matches his jersey number, he’s afraid to go down field, and every team in the NFL knows it!!!

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