Chris Simms Has Advice For Derek Carr In Dealing With Jon Gruden

Chris Simms played three years for Jon Gruden in Tampa and knows a thing or two about the Raiders new head coach.

He said he hasn’t talked to Derek Carr, but on his podcast this week Simms said he had a piece of advice for Carr in taking the abuse from Gruden:

“When he stops pushing buttons, it’s when he’s truly stopped on you. You want him coming in and [pushing your buttons]. That’s my advice to Derek Carr… just take it, learn football, understand that you’re going to get cussed at even at times that you don’t deserve it. The moment he stops cussing at you and saying crazy s—, that means he’s f—– abandoned ship, he’s given up on you.”

It’s been one of the ridiculously manufactured stories of the offseason that Carr (who doesn’t use colorful language) might somehow not be thick-skinned enough to handle Gruden (who is known to use an abundance of colorful language), but Gruden’s delivery is certainly unique and he’ll be fun to watch again on Sunday afternoons.

For what it’s worth Gruden was known to be particularly hard on Simms, but Simms probably brought a lot on himself. He just wasn’t a very good quarterback.

In three season with Gruden, Simms threw 12 touchdowns to 17 interceptions – which might have been bad enough to even get a rise out of Tony Dungy.

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5 thoughts on “Chris Simms Has Advice For Derek Carr In Dealing With Jon Gruden

  1. Were talking about 2 totally different quarterbacks, one very good and the other not so. Carr has been good in his career with a good OC, he put up big numbers with Musgrave in yards and touchdowns. And also had 12 wins that year, Now Sims not nearly as talented as Derek, so I can see jon losing patience with him. When you have a quarterback not picking up what your putting down the coach will give up. I don’t see this happening with Gruden and Derek, they will bond very well together

    1. Don’t forget the Gruden’s QB Camp where Chucky told Carr he can’t wait to start winning championships together.

  2. Sims was never a decent qb let alone a star in the making. Cant compare sims experience with gruden to current situation. Better off listening to what gannon says. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  3. Sound like Simms couldn’t take the heat. He’s very sensitive. Gruden cussed at him when he didn’t deserve it 🎻 we saw Gruden be as patient as possible while he screwed up the play call. Didn’t have play memorized and stumbling around confused like a dufus and he had to rely on him to lead a huddle? Chris Simms wasn’t built for this but Derek Carr is.

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