Derek Carr Playing “Almost A Different Sport” Than The Raiders Backup QBs

It’s only June, but Raider fans will be happy to know that Derek Carr is looking like his old self again.

According to Jerry McDonald of The Mercury News, the gap between Carr and the Raiders’ backup quarterbacks has widened once again:

Connor Cook, after running third all last season, appears to have the lead over E.J. Manuel as Carr’s backup based on practice reps. But Carr, healthy after struggling through a fractured transverse process a year ago, appears to be playing almost a different sport than his competitors.

In a sense, that’s a good thing — the Raiders need Carr to re-establish himself as one of the top players at his position.”

That’s great news for the Raiders, as Carr is heathy again and has hopefully put the hardships of last year behind him.

As for the backup quarterbacks, Gruden was known to like Connor Cook coming out of college so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if Cook ends up as the Raiders no. 2 quarterback.

Then again, when he was at ESPN, it seemed Gruden had good things to say about Christian Hackenberg and just about all the college quarterbacks he was paid to talk about.

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3 thoughts on “Derek Carr Playing “Almost A Different Sport” Than The Raiders Backup QBs

  1. Good thing in a sense but bad thing if Carr get hurt again. I wish they would go after a better back up, look at Philly last year. You have to be prepared for everything in this league.

  2. EJ isn’t a gruden guy. he is left over from del rio

    the writing is on the wall for EJ

    cook will #2

    hackenberg was brought in to replace EJ

  3. I thought EJ played better than expected in the game he started last year. Unless Gruden can unlock the NFL starter qualities from Hackenberg, I hope they keep EJ

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