Colin Cowherd Hops On Khalil Mack Story, Spins It Into A Trade Rumor

It started with a report from the New York Daily News that the Jets had reached out to the Raiders about the availability of Khalil Mack.

The story by Manish Mehta said that while the Jets have interest in trading for Mack, the Raiders were not entertaining any trade ideas for their team captain, All Pro, and former defensive MVP.

Nevertheless, a story (if you want to call it that) on Thursday spun their own version of the story to say the Raiders have placed Mack on the trade block and Fox Sports radio host Colin Cowherd later proclaimed that the “New York Jets this morning are in discussions with the Raiders for Khalil Mack.”

Not cool, Colin.

Are the Raiders and Khalil Mack on good terms right now? Obviously not or Mack would be with the team.

But that doesn’t mean they’re trying to trade him.

Is Reggie McKenzie hanging up when another general manager calls to ask about Mack? Of course not. There’s really no such thing.

Mack is still under contract for another year (at a bargain price no less) so the next window the Raiders could consider trading him would be after the season – or maybe around the trade deadline if Jon Gruden for some reason decides to throw in the towel on the season before October 30 (and gets an amazing offer).

Until then…

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12 thoughts on “Colin Cowherd Hops On Khalil Mack Story, Spins It Into A Trade Rumor

  1. I would consider not being a raider fan if they trade Mack!!the best player we’ve had on the raiders in the last 20 year’s! You don’t trade a player with his talent

  2. No matter how slowly you explain this you are still going to hear idiots spew this nonsense. I believe a lot of this is wishful thinking. People just want to see Mack leave the Raiders. The Raider hate is strong. The Raiders have zero incentives to trade him right now. None. Cant wait for them to lock him up long term and continue watching him destroy QBs.

  3. Dude. “The picks you give up to get Mack, you get back by trading Teddy Bridgewater.”
    You’re high.

  4. Colin Coward is a moron!! He also thinks the Raiders are the biggest dumpster fire in the NFL this year and that Gruden can’t come back and coach after being in the booth for 10 years.

  5. i would trade make to the green bay packers for their 2 2019 first round draft picks,,, Then with one of those first round picks I would offer to seattle for earl thomas,,, I then would be able to have 2 first round picks in 2019,, plus save the 60m to 68 million in cap space to sign free agents nest year,,,
    I know mack is a great talent, but i would do the deal with green bay , take the picks, save the cap money and try and trade for earl thomas,,,
    I am a raiders fan, i am sick of macks hold out, he is under contract, and has not even gone to one ota, or workout to meet the coaches, new teammates , he is just a me type a person,,Let him walk,,, Perry

  6. I would take a teams best defensive player ( on par with Aaron Donald or maybe Joey Bosa) and:
    2019 1st and 2nd
    2020 1st and 2nd
    2021 1st
    Ridiculous? Yes, but i wouldn’t be happy with letting Mack go for anything less.

  7. Clownherd is the biggest clown alive, how can anyone even listen to him? Ughh, he is less accurate than CNN.

  8. Here’s the hole in the argument then Colin. Who do the Jets have to give up in order to replace Mack? This time of year there’s no way the Raiders are going to give up Mack for only picks and no immediate, guaranteed talent. Maybe before the draft they would have considered giving him up for picks alone, but right now…I don’t see it happening.

    Here’s another reason it doesn’t make sense. It’s the Jets. The most over-hyped, over rated franchise in the history of the NFL. They have one championship on the shoulders of the most over rated QB in history. They find ways to ruin players. If I’m Mack, I’d rather sign whatever contract the Raiders offered me in order to not go to the Jets.

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