Colin Cowherd: Time For Oakland To Let “Grown-Ups” Have The Raiders

Colin Cowherd has made a good living stirring up the masses and he was at it again this morning – this time going after the Raiders, the city of Oakland, and Raider fans in Oakland.

When I look at the Raiders, and I don’t feel bad saying this, it’s time for San Antonio-Austin. This wildly-emerging, growing, capable market that supports Texas football, that supports the Spurs. Jerry Jones won’t like it, that city deserves an NFL franchise. Lets give it to some grown-ups down in San Antonio and Austin and I don’t care who owns it, but they’ll give the Raiders land, they’ll build a real stadium, you’ll have real support. It’ll be ok to take your kids to the game and not be worried at times. We’ve seen the Raiders for 30 years. They couldn’t even put a legitimate proposal on the table for the NFL. You’ve known this thing was coming for 20 years.

And for your viewing pleasure… the four-minute rant via The Herd on Fox Sports 1:

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