La Canfora: NFL Doesn’t Want Raiders Leaving Bay Area

Is San Antonio a realistic option for the Raiders? Only in Mark Davis’ fantasy land, says NFL insider, Jason La Canfora. One of the problems, according to La Canfora, is that the league wants the Raiders right where they are – in Oakland.

They’re going to the Bay Area, or (Davis is) going to sell the team to somebody who will,” La Canfora said. “(The NFL wants) two teams in the Bay Area. Somehow he missed the overriding thing that everybody else got here, which was they want two teams in L.A. and two teams in the Bay Area. And if he’s not wiling to do it, they’ll squeeze him and squeeze him and squeeze him and squeeze him until does. He’s not going anywhere. San Antonio? Are you kidding me? ‘Hey, Mark, here’s your relocation fee: a billion dollars. Good luck.’

Whether it’s San Antonio or San Diego, the league has to approve any move the Raiders want to make. Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones has been outspoken against San Antonio getting an NFL team and would surely rally owners against any effort to move the Raiders there. Remember, it was Jones’ last-minute proposal that paved the way for the Rams’ move to Los Angeles (with 30-2 support among owners).

As difficult as it’s going to be for the Raiders to build a stadium in Oakland… it looks like it will be even more difficult for them to build somewhere else.

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