Colin Kaepernick Back in the News, but Don’t Expect Him to Join the Raiders Anytime Soon

Whatever your thoughts on Colin Kaepernick, the news surrounding his workout this weekend won’t become Raiders news anytime soon.

Asked on Wednesday if the Raiders would be attending Kaepernick’s event on Saturday, Jon Gruden said he didn’t know and reiterated that he is focused on the Bengals right now. Take Gruden’s comments for what you will, but don’t expect the Raiders to have any interest in signing Kaepernick. It’s not happening.

Furthermore, it would be a huge surprise if Kaepernick ends up with any team this season. Any team interested in signing Kaepernick could have done so at any time before now and teams don’t need a league-orchestrated “mini-combine” to find out what Kaepernick has to offer. In fact, a report on Thursday indicated that Kaepernick had nothing to do with the planning of Saturday’s event and ESPN’s Adam Schefter said he isn’t even sure it’s going to happen. So whatever is going on between Kaepernick and the NFL right now isn’t really about football.

But if we’ve learned anything in the last 48 hours, it’s that nothing involving Kaepernick is going fall short of attracting the full attention of about every media outlet in the country. The Raiders have had more than enough media frenzy this season, so put the chances of Gruden signing Kaepernick at about zero percent or maybe a little less.

Also, the Raiders don’t need a quarterback… regardless of what you might have read in the past.

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  1. Kap deserves to play again. His protest did not incite any violence and he was well within his right. If President can say his hateful, and divisive rhetoric with out backlash. Then Kap is right allowed to express hid opinion without punishment.

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