PFF: Richie Incognito Is Raiders Top-Graded OL Through First Half of Season

Don’t look now, but the Raiders most productive offseason free agent acquisition has undoubtedly been OG Richie Incognito.

Despite the fact that he accounts for less than 2 percent ($569k) of the nearly $36 million the Raiders have invested in their starting offensive line, the Raiders took strong criticism for signing Incognito in May.

Six months later, Richie Incognito has quietly been Jon Gruden’s most dominant offensive lineman. Through seven games, Incognito not only hasn’t given up a sack, but he hasn’t even given up a quarterback hit, according to Pro Football Focus analytics.

PFF grades Incognito as one of the top guards in the NFL through the first half of the season and Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman believes Incognito has been the league’s best offensive guard this year.

James Palmer on Twitter

Troy Aikman said he hasn’t seen any guard play as well as Richie Incognito this season. Best in the league, best he’s seen since Larry Allen. 🤔

Incognito turned 36 in July and based on PFF’s grading method, the veteran guard is having the third-best season of his career.

Safe to say the Raiders were wise not to listen to the soap-box analysts who said they were foolish to bring in a personality like Incognito. Now the real question is how long before the NFL finds an excuse to kick him out of the league the way they did Burfict?

Ah, nevermind. If there is no video evidence it doesn’t matter to the league what its players do off the field, anyway.

See: Hill, Tyreek.

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11 thoughts on “PFF: Richie Incognito Is Raiders Top-Graded OL Through First Half of Season

  1. Ridiculous to compare Incognito to Burfict. The league had nothing to do with Burfict fate that was his own doing n it was always when not if Burfict self-imploded. Incognito is doing a fine job but b4 u give Gruden coach of the year honors n further unwarranted praise condemning analysts remember Gruden made this team n their job more difficult by relying upon the likes of AB n Burfict n not giving enough focus to defense.

    Gruden has made many bad decisions since bestowed with ridiculous non deserving contract n full control of team. N 4 anyone believing anybody other than Gruden has say-so just pay attention because it is so clear you would have to be the biggest retard not to see who stands at helm of Raiders decision-making position.

    I say again if Gruden was such a brilliant football guru then when taking over a team one season removed from being 12-4 why could he not return that team to play-offs? By dismantling it Gruden’s message became clear Jack DelRio is a better coach than Gruden as Jack took the team that was given him not having control of personnel n molded it into a winning team something Gruden apparently is incapable of doing.

    Think about it

    1. Thought about it…

      First, you have an odd fixation with the letter N
      Second… your opinion is ridiculous

  2. Just win baby, he could be a help for the team. It all depends on his workout. We always give good players a shot.

  3. Good story on Ritchie Cognito love he give,s every. A good game feeling ,’ momentum and give ”, Carr confidence to march down that field on a drive to finish and score….. love watching them work,

  4. Hopefully they will reward him and sign him for a couple more years or as long as he can play, he deserves it.

  5. I was completely stoked when the Raiders signed Incognito this year. I’ve wanted the Raiders to sign him since he left the Dolphins. I went to the Raiders Cardinals pre season game, the first game he played . . His first play he pulled and took out the defensive tackle he was assigned to block . . Putting him flat on his back! I wish we had 5 of him across our offensive line . . All due respect to our other linemen.

  6. If he could stop jumping offsides and what not, that would be great. Not to mentikn the racist asshole bit.

  7. He will sign a 3 year deal with a TO for 3rd year, gabe Jackson though, could be in jeapordy. He just is too slow for today’s 3techs. He got embarrassed by Atkins. Richie 3yr/22.5$

  8. One of the best lineman I’ve ever seen. Love to watch him open up running Lanes for Washington, Richard and especially Jacobs. Love his pass blocking techniques and is always down field for the running game. Can’t wait to watch him and the RAIDERS live, as they take on the Titans on the 8th of December. We’ll be sitting above the BLACK HOLE in sec 107. Hope we get to meet him. ALOHA

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