Comments From Braylon Edwards Might Change Your Opinion of Jim Harbaugh and His Viability as the Next Raiders Head Coach

The expectation that Jim Harbaugh will return to the NFL is higher than ever, and the Raiders are one of the teams consistently linked to him. Even going back to 2014, it seems like Harbaugh has been on the Raiders’ short list of head coaching candidates, and according to Sports Illustrated insider Hondo Carpenter, there is again chatter that the Raiders are interested.

“There is talk within the building that if [Antonio Pierce] doesn’t [get the Raiders job], Jim [Harbaugh] is on the list,” Hondo said on his Las Vegas Raiders Insider podcast. “I don’t think he’s the frontrunner. I think the Bears or Carolina [Panthers] will get him before the Raiders, but that’s another story.”

One of the perceived downsides to hiring Harbaugh is the grinding approach that he is known to take with players and, similarly to Jon Gruden and Josh McDaniels, there has been a lot of talk over the years about Harbaugh wearing out his teams.

For that reason, some have been against the idea of the Raiders bringing Harbaugh to Las Vegas.

But for that crowd, one of the Harbaugh’s former players made an interesting statement to Hondo on the (below) podcast.

Former NFL wide receiver Braylon Edwards played for Harbaugh in San Francisco, and he offered an interesting perspective on the head coach that he was known to butt heads with at times…

“Jim Harbaugh is an individual that wherever he goes, he is going to turn that program around. You can to San Diego, you can go Stanford, you can go to the 49ers, you can go to Michigan. So that makes him a great football coach.

He was a lot to handle in San Francisco. There were many 10 o’clock nights during training camp, which is unheard of… he slept at the facility. Many early meetings… there was no breaks and no relief… Everything with him was old school Bo Schembechler. Three yards and a cloud of dusk. It’s time for meetings. It’s time for football.

I think he was trying to find that balance in San Francisco...

Now here’s what I think about Jim Harbaugh. From the time that he got to Michigan to who he is now, you’ve seen a difference in Jim Harbaugh. A lot of the players early on in his first 5 or 6 years didn’t feel like the doors were open for them to just come in. They didn’t feel like they could just have conversations or add input or disagree with things…

If you look at Jim now… the door is open. Look how players now talk about Jim Harbaugh… they love Jim Harbaugh. Look at him after meetings. He always giving the microphone. He’s giving the shine to them. He’s made it about the kids. He’s made it about the program... they talk differently about him now.”

For what it’s worth, Harbaugh looks to be the no. 2 choice among Raider fans to be the team’s next head coach with a little more than a month to go in the regular season…

Raiders Beat on Twitter: “POLL: As of today, the head coach YOU would like to see the #Raiders hire… / Twitter”

POLL: As of today, the head coach YOU would like to see the #Raiders hire…

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5 thoughts on “Comments From Braylon Edwards Might Change Your Opinion of Jim Harbaugh and His Viability as the Next Raiders Head Coach

  1. It’s been a while since I paid any attention to the raiderbeatdown and from what this article is, nothing has changed. Any chance to put John Gruden’s name in something just to try and take shots at him. You bring up Hondo Carpenter at Sports Illustrated who is one of the best sports reporters, he doesn’t push a narrative that 99% of the fake sites much like the raidersbeatdown pushes. You push a false narrative that Gruden isn’t liked by his players or owners or organizations he’s been involved in. Hondo Carpenter report talks about how Gruden is so well liked and trusted by Mark Davis and that doesn’t sit well with the corrupt sports media.

  2. Hey Nation, guys,gals. I think it’s time to hire a real coach and not someone who everyone likes. I bet not everyone likes Kyle Shanahan but look at the job he does with the 49’ers every year!! The 49’ers have built a team like the Raiders used to build them. Get a few good draft picks every year and sprinkle some vets in with them and then get more help at the trade deadline. Exactly how Al Davis used to do it!! Now the raiders can’t even pick their noses correctly. I love my boys but the truth is the truth!! Please no more Jon Gruden!! Get somebody who will improve the team!! Not someone who has had plenty of chances to get the job done and can’t!! Just saying…..

  3. AP is a good leader of men and knows how to motivate his players but I’m afraid he lacks the knowledge to go up against Andy Reed and Sean Peyton 4 times a year. I’ve seen him make mistakes on the field due a game that experienced HCs don’t make.

    With Harbaugh you know what you’re getting out of him and that’s a winner. He will turn this team around like he does everywhere he goes. It’s a no brainer..

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