Pauline: Raiders “Have A Lot of Interest” in Jim Harbaugh

Is Jim Harbaugh a serious candidate to be the next head coach of the Raiders?

Two years ago, there didn’t seem to be much interest in Harbaugh from the Raiders, but depending on who you listen to, the odds might be more in Harbaugh’s favor this year.

According to league insider Tony Pauline, Harbaugh is very much on the Raiders’ radar this time around…

Our sources say Jim Harbaugh and Mark Davis have had a very good relationship for a while now, and the Raiders would be a natural fit, but several factors come into play.

First and foremost is the existing regime of Champ Kelly and Antonio Pierce. Some people in the league believe Davis will keep Kelly and Pierce around if the team finishes strong. As mentioned in this article from Nov. 4, there is a groundswell of support for Kelly within the Raiders organization.

There’s also the question of Davis being comfortable with the head coach once again being in full control. It didn’t work out for the Josh McDaniels-Dave Ziegler team, and Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock had a tough go of it on the personnel side.

The Raiders have a lot of interest in Harbaugh, yet in the end, it will come down to whoever Mark Davis is listening to and trusts.

Pauline isn’t necessarily on the NFL’s A-list of insiders, but he is well-connected within the industry. He is also a long-time guest on the Raiders flagship radio station, so if his opinions are worthy of one of the team’s media arms, they are worth passing along here.

Just a guess on Harbaugh’s future for anyone interested…

The Bears make a lot more sense than the Raiders. Chicago should be considered the favorite to land Harbaugh if he decides to leave the University of Michigan…

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  1. If there’s a coach out there with a bigger ego than Gruden, it’s Harbaugh. That’s why he lost the power struggle in SF. The team needs to look at current NFL assistant coaches. Miami, SF, Philly, Minnesota, Cincinnati, and the Rams all hit pay dirt going this route. This would allow the coach to operate under a prove it type contract, unlike Harbaugh who will command a top dollar deal. Dummy Mark is still paying the salary of his two previous HC mistakes!

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