Could Reggie McKenzie’s Job Hinge On Signing Ndamukong Suh?

Is the pressure on Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie to land Ndamukong Suh? Some seem to think so.

The San Francisco Chronicle made a Suh-to-the-Raiders this morning, and in his MMQB column, Greg Bedard suggested McKenzie’s job may depend on signing “prize of this year’s market.

(Ndamukong Suh) could be the best defensive free agent to hit market since Reggie White in 1993. A disruptive force rushing the passer and stuffing the run. Must be accounted for on every snap. Has started every game in his career (suspended for two). If GM Reggie McKenzie wants to keep his job beyond this season, he has to land Suh, who should set the record for biggest defensive contract ever.

Of course we’ve been hearing about McKenzie’s job for a while now, but it’s ironic that Reggie (who believes in building from within) could need to save his job (as Bedard put it) by spending on players outside the organization – an area where he hasn’t been the best to this point.