Raiders Will Have Competition For Randall Cobb

Randall Cobb’s pay day is coming. Because of his rare combination of age (24) and experience, Cobb will enter free agency as the most coveted wide receiver on the market.

“Someone will pay Randall Cobb a ton of money,” ESPN’s Adam Schefter said on SiriusXM NFL Radio after learning Green Bay didn’t place the franchise tag on Cobb. Schefter added that he expects Cobb and Ndamukong Suh to be two of the first free agents off the board on March 10.

So who’s in the mix for Cobb? With so many teams having cap space, it’s hard to say, but the Raiders and Jaguars are believed to be at the top of the list. The Raiders are rumored to be planning an offer to Cobb around $11 million per year. Jacksonville can easily match offers for Cobb and as it relates to Oakland could have an advantage because of Florida taxes.

The Packers are obviously still in the mix, but want to bring back Cobb for around $9 million per year. The Chiefs are rumored to be interested, but would need to move around some money. With their new-found cap space, Cobb’s versatility sure seems like a good fit for Chip Kelly in Philadelphia – a dark horse to enter the sweepstakes? Also there’s the Jets who could entice Cobb with cash, but don’t have a lot to offer in terms of quarterback play – something that should be important to Cobb who will still be in his prime at the end of his next contract.

With so much available cash, Jacksonville and Oakland can both overpay Cobb without blinking. The question is, who wants him more? Reggie McKenzie doesn’t like bidding wars, but the Raiders can’t afford to leave free agency without a premium wide receiver. Reggie’s familiarity with Cobb (from Green Bay) could give him the added incentive – with the runner-up getting Julius Thomas to his own whopping deal.