Could the Bears Be Key to a Big Offseason Trade For the Raiders?

Could the Raiders be gearing up for a big offseason trade?

No, not necessarily the Russell Wilson or Deshaun Watson trade that everyone has been talking about. But what about a trade to bring in an elite defensive player to bolster arguably the worst defense in the NFL?

If Jon Gruden can pull it off, the team to watch might be the Bears, who were (and are) very interested in Watson and figure to be one of the most aggressive teams after Wilson, too. If the Bears are going to be taken seriously in trade talks for either quarterback, they are going to need a lot more draft capital.

Fortunately, the Bears have enough talent on defensive side of the ball that they could add another first-round pick or two by trading players like Khalil Mack and/or Roquan Smith. The Raiders would presumably welcome the opportunity to trade for either player.

Maybe the Bears can find a better trade from another team, but they have to be thinking about ways to add at least one more first-round pick. If Watson or Russell become available, the Bears should be at the front of the line to talk about a trade. Chicago’s head coach and GM barely held onto their jobs after last year and the best way to earn their pink slips this year would be to take a conservative approach to finding a quarterback over the next few weeks.

Roquan Smith for the 17th overall pick.

Who says no?

Or even better… Khalil Mack for whatever the Bears are willing to take.

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17 thoughts on “Could the Bears Be Key to a Big Offseason Trade For the Raiders?

  1. Who believes that the “Raiders Management Brainthrust” actually knows what they are doing? How many more examples of abject incompetence do we need to witness before the obvious can no longer be ignored? Mark Davis, at some point, has to realize that “his hand picked coach” IS NOT who or what Mr. Davis hoped that he would be. I’ve been a Raiders fans for 52 years and counting and obviously am not the only person with longevity support for this franchise. ALL of us are clamoring, asking and begging for the same thing Mr. Davis, competent leadership that can and will return this organization to prominence. You don’t support an organization as long as we have without unabashed LOYALTY. All that we are asking for in return is a better run and successful football team to root for once again.

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  3. Trading to get Mack back!?!? Is this Gruden admitting he Opps did it again. Trading a once in a lifetime D man then regretting it?

    1. Gruden messed that up him and the g m never should have thought about trading Mack very **** stupid didn’t have nothing on defense but Mack and u trade him so **** stupid and still paying 4 that

  4. Below are the annual contract obligations owed to Khalil Mack if he plays. Taking him back would be very expensive. (The main reason he left the Raiders.)

    2021 = $17,246,000
    2022 = $17,750,000
    2023 = $22,900,000
    2024 = $23,250,000

    Roquan Smith is an average linebacker.

    1. Smith was 2nd in entire NFL in tackles for a loss, top 10 in solo tackles 2 years in a row, 2 ints + 4 sacks last year, top 5 coverage lb in nfl. You should really get more info before commenting. Thats as far away from “average” as it gets.

    2. To be more exact,
      Smith in 2020
      2nd in all of NFL in tackles for a loss
      2nd in all of NFL in solo tackles
      6th in all of NFL in total tackles
      4 sacks
      2 INT
      Every publication that rates LB has him in the top 10 NFL LB for the 2022 season
      That is not average by any standard in any way what so ever.

  5. Khalil didn’t want to be a Raider he would not be a good fit period but with Gus Bradley who knows we don’t need any players who don’t want to be a part of RAIDERNATION!!!!

  6. Watching the Raiders is painfull enough. I’ve been a diehard fan since Warren Wells, I only pray they trade Carr. Too many yrs of nothing. And when he did QB them to the playoffs. He breaks a leg. He was just not meant to be.
    Mariota has a better record. And a playoff win….t’boot.
    Need i say more. They could even strengthen their D. By dealing Carr.


  7. As a bears fan, no way we are trading roquan smith, mack would cost two first rounders, or we trade mack and a first for derek carr?

  8. At this point I don’t trust ANY decisions that Gruden makes. Hiring him as head coach for 10 years at $10,000,000 per year was a HUGE mistake. Al would never have done that. Mark Davis is an IDIOT. I’ve been a Raiders fan all my life. Hoping and praying for my Raiders but it AIN’T looking good. Smh

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