Report: Raiders Aren’t Looking to Extend Derek Carr’s Contract

Last week there were rumors that Derek Carr might be getting an extension from the Raiders in the not-too-distant future.

But a report today in The Athletic seems to indicate that might not be the case.

“The Raiders aren’t really looking to trade Carr or give him an extension right now,” The Athletic’s Vic Tafur reported on Friday. “He has improved in his three years with Gruden and has a very friendly, pay-as-you-go contract for two more years. Why not see where this season goes, but maybe even give him a good defense and the offensive line back for one last stand and see if he can beat Patrick Mahomes twice this time.”

The Raiders do have a very team-friendly deal with Carr at the moment, but they are also in a position where they could use some salary cap relief. If they believe Carr is the quarterback of the future, it would make sense to convert some of his $22.1 million cap number next year into bonus money.

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Thoughts on Derek Carr speculation about an extension with @Raiders: In looking at his contract and the Raiders cap situation, a short-term extension makes a lot of sense as it can lower his cap number this year while securing their QB for the next three/four years.

If a new deal for Carr does happen, the start of free agency in a little less than a month seems like a reasonable timeframe. Cutting Carr’s cap number in half by the middle of March would open the door for the Raiders to be a lot more aggressive in free agency.

Like it or not, the other contract the Raiders may have to address sooner or later belongs to Darren Waller. He is slated to make less than $7 million in each of the next three years – which a very low number for arguably the second-best tight end in football.

Nevertheless, Waller still has three years on the deal that he signed last year, so the only real leverage he has right now would be the threat to hold out.

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31 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Aren’t Looking to Extend Derek Carr’s Contract

  1. I believe nothing that this man writes. Actually whatever he writes about Carr , I believe the exact opposite. I see he left himself an out by saying that if they do extend Carr it would be around the time the league year begins, well you can knock me over with a feather, thats not exactly breaking news, most all contract extensions happen then, some before the actual season begins , some during and others after so find another storyline, there’s nothing new here.

    1. Yessss………I agree with you Sal………at one point in time or another, the Raiders will extend Derek’s contract. Then the Raiders need to start working on defense, getting better players, now with our new DC, better defensive scheme. Offense wins games, DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!!!💯🏈🤍🖤

  2. Do not defend this QB just because you improve does not mean you are good. If you enter the NFL not so good, chances are you will get better… playoffs?…No, division title?….No. how many years? Too many….. he is a CARR! His brother wasn’t good, what more did you expect? Did his brother win a superbowl?…No. playoffs?… barely. TRADE CARR! MOVE ON WE NEED A TALENTED QB! sorry I come from an Era in the Raiders when we were hated because we were GOOD!

    1. If you believe there’s much more talented a QB than Carr who’s top 10 statistically in the league and improving, you probably believe Eli Manning is a true Hall of Famer………. We need an at very least a top 15 defense before blaming Carr, name a QB that’s ever won a Super Bowl or even a playoff game, or even gotten to the playoffs with arguably the worst defense in the league…….. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

      1. Chaston, PERFECT REPLY!!!!!…….I’ve always believed, Offense wins games, DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS 💯🏈

      2. Carr has been top 10 statistically 2 out of 7 years only. The otherv5 years were horrible.

        The Raiders offense has ranked 23, 22nd, 22nd, the last 3 years in red zone tds. Take out 10th in scoring of last year, and the Raiders offense couldn’t even top the top 20 in scoring.

      3. Eli has won a superbowl. Period. Carr throws more interceptions when he does actually get the ball off. This is a Westcoast offense it’s not ment to hold the ball forever. Throw it away if you have too don’t take a sack just so your % stays good. And Wentz is better, that new kid in LA is better, **** the list goes on…. and you only had to wait because I run my time not you. FOH!

    2. So our defense is good and it’s Carr’s fault we lose games after he had the lead? C’mon man get real! Carr is not the problem!

      1. Carr is part of the problem. His pocket presence sucks. He can’t run that well. You got one of the fastest WR’S in the league, and how many catches Ruggs have 20? Don’t care about BS statistics. He’s not the only problem, the defense sucked and that sure didn’t help. No way in Hell you extend his contract. Let him earn it by winning the West back

  3. I agree with you to an extent. I’m definitely not sold on Carr and many times last year, he left me scratching my head. And the year before that, and the year before that. Now he’s not a horrible QB but if someone is available that gives the Raiders a better chance, I sure hope they hop on it. But I’ll be honest, I doubt they will. It’s the Raiders. I’m a die hard fan but boy do they make it difficult to be a fan. I would love to see Watson or Wilson at the QB position bit we’ll see what they do. The Raiders are definitely known for making questionable decisions.

    1. Watson had a good year statistically as well but had a losing record because of a poor defense and few offensive weapons to help. No quarterback would fare any better than Carr unless the defense is fixed, the O-line is strong and healthy, and the play calls are working. Russel Wilson wants out, Watson wants out, but Carr is dedicated as a true Raider. Support him!

  4. Anyone who thinks we should get rid of Carr does not think straight! Guy is a complete winner! Football is a team sport, surround him with one (D!!!) and watch!!!

    1. I never seen a winner throw that many interceptions. He constantly puts the D back on their heels when he throws int and takes sacks. He has enough time in the pocket to make a sound decision, but he doesn’t.

  5. I’ve always supported Derek but honestly it’s time to put up our shut up. The question is do we give him a decent defense and see how he does or do we throw him to the dogs, watch the ship sink and let that be the reason why he leaves? I say give the guy one last shot with at least a decent supporting cast. Raider for life, baby!

  6. Best thing that could happen to Carr is to get traded…. He would finally be on a team with a D…. I can just hear all the haters, when Carr is lighting it up for another team and on his way to the playoffs and eventually the SB….. “we should have kept Carr”, “why didn’t he play like that for the Raiders?”
    Guys playing at a top 10 level with no D, #24 ranked O line and no true #1 WR…. If you can’t back A QB performing at this level I don’t know what to tell you..

      1. I agree also. Carr is a proven winner. Many of games he has had his team ahead in the 4th quarter only to see the defense choke. Time for the defense to step up

    1. Forget ma ota, you forget he had his back broke. Carr’s a stud Period. He’s never had a true no.1 wr or a half decent d. I started watching the Raiders in the early 70’s and folks are right those teams were feared not only because the Raiders were the Winningness prosports team of that era but also because the rules were so much different than now.Plus Al went and made picks for this team his own way. 7 years in this league with a porous d, no real offensive help, poorly coached d, and what like 4 or 5 different coachs, all with their own offensive plays they want to run. So that play book you just got down, forget about it new hc new play book. Plus I don’t think 9 picks tagged to him is true some guys had the ball pop outta their hands for a pick and DC4 has no control over that. I will say this he tends to fumble the ball reminds me kinda like Dan Foughts. It sure would be nice not to read all this trade talk crap about our QB. Let’s concentrate on the d and it will all fall in to place. RN4L

  7. If the Raiders stick with Carr 1 or 2 more years I will support Carr but he needs to protect the football, fumbling the football when you can just throw it away. You know the pass rush is coming count to 3 there’s nothing there get rid of the football

  8. Raiders defense has been nothing short of a welcome mat in front of the end zone for years. Do I think Carr has played well? Not always, but often enough that he deserves to play out the remainder of his current contract at least. I would like to see the Raiders get a faster, more mobile quarterback (Mariota don’t count, he is not the starter) than Carr, once his time is up. Someone who can be accurate with the shorter 4-6 yard passes that Gruden’s preferred over the deep passes. Someone that can and will tear off 12-18 yard scrambles when there isn’t a good passing option. I like most of what Carr’s done as a Raider. I don’t see him bringing the explosive energy that is needed in that offense though.

  9. Carr is not the problem, but he is hardly the solution. Pair him with a top 10 defense he won’t win you a super bowl. Raider nation has been waiting to long for another Super Bowl, too stick with Carr for much longer….. However, I agree work on the defense first. That side of the ball is atrocious!!!

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