Could There Be Some Truth To The Rob Gronkowski Rumors?

On Wednesday, a Reddit user posted that Julian Edelman was going to be suspended for PED use. On Thursday, Edelman was suspended for PED use and now the same “Redditlover1981” is claiming that more big news might be around the corner involving another Patriots player.

While no one has been sourced to the player being Rob Gronkowski, speculation has been all over in recent days that Gronk might be on the trade block.

In April, teams were reported to be interested in trading for Gronkowski, but only recently has the story really gotten legs and naturally, one of the teams being linked (speculation) to Gronkowski is the Raiders.

As ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio pointed out, generally these aren’t the kind of rumors that deserve a lot of attention, but he added that “a Gronkowski trade isn’t totally unthinkable: There have been reports that Gronk isn’t happy in New England, that he and Bill Belichick don’t see eye to eye, and that he wants a new contract. All that adds up to sound like a player that could be traded.”

Even if rumors aren’t true that Gronkowski is about to be traded, if he might be available, who’s betting against Jon Gruden making the first phone call?

And if Gronk is available, and Gruden is interested, who’s betting against Gruden giving New England their best offer?

Yes, it’s a lot of speculation (and a lot of dots being connected), but that’s going to happen in June. The Edelman rumor ended up playing out. Maybe the Gronk rumor will, too.

For what it’s worth, the Patriots are working hard at denying the rumors, but isn’t that what they would do whether the rumors were true or not?

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5 thoughts on “Could There Be Some Truth To The Rob Gronkowski Rumors?

  1. The Chargers would make a lot of sense. However, Gruden might be dumb enough to give them. 2nd round pick for a guy who seems destined to be on IR as much as on the field

    1. a second round pick is reasonable for a game changer esp if game changer doesn’t get hurt a lot

      how old is Gronk anyway?

  2. Yea Gruden real dumb

    Have you looked at squad he has built…why arnt more people betting on this team

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