As Of Now, Kolton Miller Not Expected To Compete At Right Tackle

Since drafting Kolton Miller with the 15th overall pick, the Raiders plan has apparently been to keep him at left tackle and see if he can beat out Donald Penn.

On Tuesday, Miller took a handful of reps on the right side and speculation began that right tackle might still be on the table for Miller.

Tafur clarified his tweet on Friday in his column for The Athletic:

“I tweeted out that the future left tackle took a couple of snaps at right tackle on Wednesday, and some thought that meant a departure from Gruden’s earlier comments that Miller would focus on practicing on the left side. I wouldn’t put too much stock into the two snaps, as he was likely just getting his feet wet. Parker was drafted in the third round to start at right tackle and that is still the early plan.”

In fairness, the original tweet did seem to imply Gruden was altering his plan, but after taking just a couple reps, the news wasn’t quite as spectacular.

It doesn’t sound like Miller is going to get a scholarship this season to start at left tackle, but there is a player who might come close.

Gruden isn’t going to gift playing time to anyone, but Martavis Bryant should the get the benefit of any doubt this year. Gruden gave up a day two draft pick for Bryant and he’s only under contract through this year.

Bryant isn’t going to be the odd receiver out. Gruden is personally invested in Bryant and the Raiders new physical freak of a receiver is going to be a big part of Gruden’s offense.

Count on it.

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3 thoughts on “As Of Now, Kolton Miller Not Expected To Compete At Right Tackle

  1. Such a smart ***.

    Personally im glad to know that Martavis Bryant is going to be heavily featured in this offense. He needs to be. Not only because of the invested draft pick (which was an added bonus from a previous trade) but because mainly he has the ability to be a number one receiver! Not only for the team but the league! Im talking Julio Jones, AJ Green, Jarvis Landry type stuff. Watch.

  2. Martavis Bryant was also brought in as insurance…basically a contract year for both him and AC. YES we picked up 5th year option on AC, 13.9$ but can still rescind it as long as he doesnt get injured if he has another clunker, but that I doubt. I’m big AC supporter, he also there in case Nelson has aged
    ..either way we have some serious quality control at WR. I’m sure one of the two will have bounce back year and if both do…we may be looking at AFC champs…the ground game will be solid, so if we can pass too…our defense will get breathers(or other offenses will get bre a’s there from our tenacious D

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