Cowherd: Jack Del Rio Didn’t Have “Guts” To Cut Marquette King

The release of Marquette King was a surprise to everyone, but according to Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd, the move was something Jack Del Rio would also like to have done.

“Jack Del Rio didn’t like him either, but didn’t have the guts like Gruden,” Cowherd said Monday on his daily radio show.

“Jon Gruden is not interested in a flamboyant social media icon as a punter, who calls his own fakes, who in back-to-back games had penalties.”

One of the real issues Del Rio faced in 2017 was managing the personalities on the Raiders roster and he struggled to treat players with consistency.

Michael Crabtree, Marquette King, and Marshawn Lynch were known to do whatever they wanted and Del Rio did little to confront them.

Had Del Rio not been fired, Crabtree and Lynch were reportedly going to be released.

Gruden’s arrival didn’t change Crabtree’s fate, but whatever hush-hush interaction took place between Gruden and Lynch was obviously positive.

King on the other hand, not so much.

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14 thoughts on “Cowherd: Jack Del Rio Didn’t Have “Guts” To Cut Marquette King

  1. Maybe if Del Rio addr see his pathetic defense, he might still have a job with Oakland

  2. Accountability is What Grudens Serving Up, Fight for your Job and Do your Homework and you will be fine, Or Clear out your Locker? JDR forgot about the “Commitment to Excellence ” part of being a Raider 4 Life

    1. So dumb. How about just accept the fact that Gruden doesn’t want to deal with nonsense? This wasn’t a race issue, you’re just trying to turn it into one. What, Crabrtee is a “new school” guy? Idiot.

    2. That’s just plain stupid, to relegate any of this to a “race” thing. You think any of these coaches aren’t aware that they coach in a league that is 80+% “black”?

      It’s called being a disruptive teammate, and smart coaches don’t want that.

  3. Lol…old school white vs new school black atheletes 😂😂😂. Because the brothers just showed up on campus, in the NFL? Somebody better tell Bellicheat he’s got brothers on his team. Unless Bill is new school and ain’t nobody told him aye? #GreenTheRealColorOfHate #IgnoranceItsNewschool. Punters are a tool of surrender. You dont need to spend a lot to give up. Grow up and learn what racism really means. If you still believe it’s about genetics and not accumulated wealth versus the working class who serve it, you will continue to be a systemic victim regardless of what color your skin is. Educate yourself, aint nobody else gonna do it for you.

  4. It’s just football, give it a rest everyone Marquette can back up his antics with statistics and that’s that but Gruden doesn’t want that on his team and maybe Gruden doesn’t realize how much football players attitudes have changed since he last coached ,its definitely a different time in social culture since Gruden last coached and maybe if he doesn’t get up to speed on that front he could lose the locker room just like that, I don’t know I hope this little experiment of taking back football coaching to 1998 isn’t a bust, this isn’t a Colin Kaepernick type thing filled with racism denying characters in the league Colin is suffering the real racism the type that got Martin Luther King killed 50 years ago today.

  5. listen, if all these black players were really into black lives matter, they would all walk out on sunday and not play football. i’m old school football. but i’m growing tired of the politic’s, drugs, women abuse that some of these gifted atheletes bring. i know we can’t go back, but **** just play football.

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