Simms: Jon Gruden Wants To Run 85 Plays In His First 30-Minute Walkthrough

Chris Simms is one of a handful of quarterbacks who knows what it’s like to play for Jon Gruden.

According to Simms, what stands out about Gruden’s practices is the tempo.

“I just couldn’t get over the pace of it,” Simms said Tuesday on his Bleacher Report podcast.

Simms said that Gruden shared with him what his first walkthrough with the Raiders will look like – and if true, Derek Carr and company are in for a real treat.

“I think he was going for 85 plays in his first 30-minute walkthrough is what he told me.”

“He’s almost the opposite of New England where Belichick is going to go ‘10 plays and we’re not moving on until we get it right.’”

“Gruden goes ‘here’s 85, I want to see how much you guys can handle, how much you can retain the next day when we do it again.’”

Simms has been a good source for all things Gruden in the past few months. Not only does he know Gruden from their time together in Tampa, but the Raiders $100 million head coach doesn’t seem shy about sharing information with him.

As for the Raiders, the offense is in for a rude awakening.

The least complicated offense in the NFL (according to some) is about to get complex in a hurry.


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  1. Smash/Pass/Pitch,,,maybe that again or the other way around, or middle out. Keep on attacking and strike early and often.

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