Crazy Statistic Suggests Raiders Maybe Shouldn’t Punt At All Against the Chiefs on Sunday

Jon Gruden hasn’t been the most aggressive head coach over the past two weeks on fourth down, but he might want to tweak his approach this week.

Not that he’s on Twitter, but a tweet from ESPN producer Jason McCallum should give Gruden pause before ever sending his punter on the field against the Chiefs.


Because field position isn’t much of a factor for the Chiefs when it comes to ending drives with a touchdown under Patrick Mahomes.

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Mahomes has led 399 drives since becoming starting QB.281 drives began via non-punt- 134 ended in points (47.7%)- 90 ended in TD (32.0%)118 drives began via a punt- 73 ended in points (61.9%)- 54 ended in TD (45.8%)Why do teams punt so often to them?CC: @Raiders


Certainly if the Raiders are deep in their own end of the field a punt makes sense, but from anywhere else Gruden has to consider using all four downs to pick up first downs on Sunday.

Punts and field goals aren’t going to beat the Chiefs, especially when rolling out a defense like what the Raiders are working with right now. No need to even pretend the defense is going to have a heroic day against Mahomes.

It might go against everything Gruden believes in, but the stats don’t lie. Just leave the punter in Las Vegas this weekend…

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