Legendary Defensive Coach Says He Still Wants to Coach, Should the Raiders Be Interested?

As the Raiders defense continues to struggle in defensive coordinator Paul Guenther’s third year, there is no question that Guenther is coaching for his job going into the game before the Raiders bye week.

Maybe Jon Gruden wouldn’t fire Guenther in season, but Rod Marinelli was brought on board to replace one of the best position coaches the Raiders had in 2019 and that was probably in part because Gruden wanted a capable defensive coordinator in the building in case Guenther doesn’t last the full season.

But even as tough decisions might be coming for Gruden, one of the most respected defensive minds in the NFL tweeted on Wednesday that he is looking for another opportunity to coach.

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Watching and waiting the League not one team. Just looking to see if I can get an opportunity to help someone Win.


Is it possible that Gruden would consider hiring Wade Phillips after the season?

Phillips was actually available during the Jack Del Rio era, but many believed that Del Rio wanted to have a strong hand in the Raiders defense. Had he hired Phillips, Del Rio probably wouldn’t have had the same influence on the defense that he had with Ken Norton Jr.

Whatever the case, we know Phillips is a spry 73 years old and looking for work. How much worse could he do than what the Raiders have going on right now?

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14 thoughts on “Legendary Defensive Coach Says He Still Wants to Coach, Should the Raiders Be Interested?

  1. I would at least talk with him and see where his head was at about the way he would coach this young defense. Like him or not he has had a lot of great defensive teams and a lot of success in the NFL

  2. Unfortunately we don’t have the 3-4 personnel and it would take another 3 yrs to get there. However, I think all of the Raiders Super bowls came with a 3-4.

  3. I advocated hiring Phillips during the Del Rio era and still do so now. Some post, in some other Raidersbeat.com articles, suggest that some day Jon Gruden will have to make a change from Paul Guenther, whom Jon Gruden has most recently called “… a good coach.” Jon Gruden’s assessment of Paul Guenther is not unlike his his propensity of viewing other people, that the world sees as substandard, as acceptable, with respect to their position on this football team. Statistically, at least according to EVERY measurable metric in the world, Nathan Peterman IS the absolute worst person to EVER be considered an NFL quarterback. Nonetheless, the quarterback guru, although there is no evidence as to him ever resurrecting ANY quarterback’s career, deems this man as worthy of an NFL contract. The mere fact that he would even entertain having this man on his roster is irrefutable evidence that he, Jon Gruden, is in over his head and that the game has passed him by. Oh, he “sounded great” in the booth, as an analyst, but his 13 and 23 record, as the Raiders head coach his second time around, is undeniably NOT one that any true head coach should be proud of. Ultimately, the Las Vegas Raiders are going to get rid of Jon Gruden, Paul Guenther, Derek Carr, Nathan Peterman, Marcus Mariota and possibly Mike Mayock. There was a song by an old soul singer named Marvin Gaye titled Every Roads Got To End Somewhere. I and most assuredly many others in Raider Nation believe, with all of our hearts, that this group has truly come to the end of their road.

  4. Look here’s the deal. Put Burfuct back in the middle go get karl joesph. Back as safety and earl thomas. That a shut down defense

  5. I just want better defense like we used to have that made the raiders a force to be reckoned with also pick up on the offense I’ve been a fan for over 40 years and living in Cleveland is hard when my team don’t win games they should

  6. I would like that move. Gunter to me is soft and in three yrs our D hasn’t really improved. I believe he is the rite guy for anyone. I mean look what he did in texas and look at them now. Look at the rams and what there D looks like now. Wherever he has been the Defense has been really good.

  7. Hire Phillip he can’t be any worse if you want to be the best you have to get the BEST.try try and keep trying be like the Raiders of old take a page of the past go back there please Dino Gonzales of Buckeye Ariz since 1965

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