Davante Adams “Would Pick Las Vegas and Derek Carr” Over Staying in Green Bay

The Raiders will be shopping hard for wide receivers after the season (they’ll be in the market for a good one), and if they want to lure Davante Adams out of Green Bay, the Raiders will probably have to bring back Derek Carr.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Hondo Carpenter, Adams is thought to prefer the Raiders over Green Bay, assuming that Carr is back in Las Vegas next year.

“I can tell you that I wouldn’t say Adams wants to be a Raider, but I would 100 percent tell you that he wants to play with Derek Carr,” Carpenter wrote this week for Sports Illustrated. “If the Raiders want him, he does want to be here. I can tell you that I have been told by people very close to the situation that he would pick Las Vegas and Derek Carr over staying in Green Bay.”

Adams played with Carr at Fresno State and there has been talk for years that they would try to play together again in the NFL.

Adams will become a free agent after the season, but the Packers still have the option of using the franchise tag to keep him around for another year. At 29 years-old, Adams will heavily favor a long-term deal so it will be interesting to see how the offseason plays out in Green Bay. It will undoubtedly take a blockbuster trade to pry Adams away from the Packers before the 2022 season.

As for Adams’ current quarterback, it’s no secret that Aaron Rodgers’ future with the Packers is a little uncertain – although the relationship between Rodgers and the Packers may have mended some in the last few months. If Rodgers leaves, it would make sense that Adams would do everything he can to leave. If Rodgers stays, it stands to reason that he would do everything in his power to ensure that Adams stays, too.

So much that still needs to play out, but we know this much…

The 2022 offseason is going to be a wild one. Especially for the Raiders.

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67 thoughts on “Davante Adams “Would Pick Las Vegas and Derek Carr” Over Staying in Green Bay

  1. That is straight bs.In green bay he is playing for a WINNER a future hall of famer,fame, some PROVEN LOOSER at qb.Carr has done nothing for the raiders organization but STEAL there money.Because of Carrs high priced contract the raiders can get any quality players.Its hard enough to actually find a talented player that is will to play with Carr
    Carr wouldn’t have to be always ATTEMPTING to come from behind if he and the team actually played good football.But that is impossible when a proven looser like Carr is your qb

    Lol barely won a team that had 8 starters gone,and then only scored 16 points pathetic.GET RID OF CARR

    1. Haha, how many of the raiders main players to begin the year are out?
      Waller- out
      Drake- out
      Mullins- out
      Ruggs- gone
      Arnette- gone
      Oh and the head coach…
      Denzel perryman- out
      Casey Hayward- out

      Shall I continue?

    2. How many starters did the Raiders sit out, genius? Not to mention #1 receiver and HC. You won the award for dumbest post of the week lol

      1. I was going to defend Carr and let the person who apparently knows nothing about football other than what agenda ridden media say but it looks like everyone has already beaten me to the punch. Glad I’m not the only one who gets it.

      2. Eric I agree with you, Jason continues to express his vast knowledge on the game of football LOL!!!! To continue to blame DC is ridiculous when the blame actually falls on our stellar o-line!!! and the strength, or lack there of our wrs!!! If we solidified those 2 units we would be a dominant franchise. A lot was written about the fact that the Browns were banged up but little about our team’s difficulties. With Whallers out, all the Browns had to do was slow RENFROW down….who else do the Raiders turn to Zones?!! Edwards?!!

        All that being said, to lure Adams out of Green Bay, potentially a SB winner this year, and if Rodgers stays?, imagine the possibilities reuniting Adams and DC again!!!! Would be a beautiful sight. WE STILL HAVE TO ADDRESS THE O-LINE!!!

    3. How many starters did the Raiders sit out, genius? You win the award for dumbest comment of the week.

    4. **** man, you should read over your comment, stay off the crack, you sound like a broken record repeating what these so called football experts were saying about this past game. Go back to school, Loser!

    5. The only people that think that Carr is what’s wrong with the Raiders are complete idiots that know absolutely NOTHING about football. If I were as dumb as you, I wouldn’t even leave the house. I mean seriously, how can a human being actually be THAT STUPID? I bet you voted for Biden too, didn’t you, you dumb son of a bitch. Why don’t you save yourself some embarrassment and just stfu… forever.

      1. Wow now there is that true American, patriotic spirit! You can say anything you want so long as I agree with you and if I don’t agree with you you’re a moron! You’ve heard of free speech haven’t you? By the way quoting Fox News or Donald the p**** Grabber Trump is not considered factual

    6. I really don’t understand all the Carr haters out there. He is very qualified if we play as a team. He has had 4000 passing yards the last 3 seasons, not many others have accomplished that. And also if you are going to call somebody a lower, you should probably learn how to spell it first, Einstein

        1. 🤣 Lmfao…

          When correcting dude, I thought u were joking…
          But then I looked n seen he really had spelled loser* as “looser”!
          Then u correcting it by spelling out “lower” had me believing that u were actually trying to correct someone’s spelling of *lawyer…!!! Can’t blame how I was lead to believe that bcuz of the vellacular and misinformation all being thrown around was enough for anyone to come to equal conclusions… 🤣 LMAO!

          Hilarious enough though bcuz with the word “looser” also actually being a whole other word; spell check then did only as promised and proved that people still don’t get it; that it is not a grammar corrector and can also ironically make u look even dumber… Smh.

          So yea…
          I definitely see why u had to point out his illiteracy/ignorance, being that blatant and on the spot hilariously ironic tho!!!

    7. Dude you are a complete moron. First of all it’s “loser” not “looser” 🤦
      Second of all Carr has to play perfect for the Raiders to win and that’s been proven this season. Carr and Adams would dominate the league, so if you are a Raiders fan which I assume you are based off the way you dog Carr and your grammar 😂 you would want Adams in Vegas.

      1. I like Devante Adams but he’s just a well polished Brian Edwards. He’s not going to take the top off the defense which is what the Raiders need to replace what they lost in Ruggs. There is also the fact that Adams will turn 30 years old next season. Signing Adams won’t solve their main problem, replacing Ruggs. Look at the Raiders record after losing Ruggs. Forget their record, just look at how they’ve played since he left. The Raiders need a sub 4.4 receiver. Adams is supreme in the middle of the field and the sidelines like Renfrow. Imo, considering both Carr and Crosby will get extensions, where will the money come from? I hate to say it but I think the Raiders have to look to the draft to find a receiver 🤷‍♂️

      2. I agree with u100percent. Carr has been the only bright spot on horrible teams other than mack n Crosby in 8 years what would it be if Carr Rodgers switch teams what would records b worse Brady Rodgers mahomes stick em in any of raiders teams last 8 seasons. Would b even more losses. They’d all bout this year with injuries . Carr would have howmany super bowls on anyone of those teams? Yet he still wants to b a raider !

    8. Greatness of Rodgers but he’s won 1 SB. 1. Yes he’s a HOF but for being considered so great, he is so over rated. One freaking SB? Not to mention one of the biggest Diva at the QB position ever.

      Great regular season QB but he sure chokes when the playoffs begin.

      Brady, Brees, Manning, Big Ben and a longer list of other QBs who gotten to the big dance multiple times over Rodgers proves he has under performed. Even Favre done more.

    9. You should focus less on Carr and more on your pitiful grammar, I would say a 4th grader wrote this, but I’ve seen better writing from 4th graders, you look like an idiot.

    10. Definitely no view of the big picture, Carr has had no support, best line in football traded away, best OC In Musgrave fired by Del Rio. He has been a great leader in a pile of crap being management. How many head coaches has he had? Each one doing things a different way….

    11. Amen tell Carr to pack his bags cause the shows over. Find another team if there’s one that will give him a spot on the practice squad.

      1. You are a serious football idiot!! Every great QB has been surrounded by a great cast (players and coaches). Aside from the fact that Carr is extremely talented and football smart, he is a great person that leads by example. Our defensive play call has been substandard to say the least. We have a an average special teams coach trying to be a head coach. Completely out of his league. Nice guy or not, his special teams have been sub para since taking the role. One thing that has always amazed me is how people will jump at an opportunity to take on a role knowing they are not qualified to do so! Annoying! Not sure if that is being selfish or naive? Carr is not the problem with the Raiders. It starts with Mayock and Davis.

  2. 0% chance raiders make the playoffs the looser qb will fail again he can go retire,and be a pasture and his church and molest young innocent kids like most pastures do.

    1. Umm, pastures feed cows they don’t molest children… maybe you meant PASTOR? Bet Derek Carr can spell anyway.

      1. I can’t believe that he came back and spelled loser wrong again and then tried to spell Pastor. How did this idiot get out of elementary school?
        Maybe he was home schooled by his daddy the water boy. Ok fellas let’s allow him to ride away on his lawn mower.

    2. You are a POS! You don’t know the man and to make molestation comments, shows me what a punk you are

    3. You are an offensive idiot. Its Pastor moron. Pastures are what animal graze on. Learn the language & stop the hate of Carr. He’s the best player and the only reason the Raiders win.

    4. What’s a “pasture”? It’s quite apparent from these comments that Jason has not yet graduated the 3rd grade.

    5. I don’t think he will be a pasture, either since that is incorrect also. The word you are lo9king for is pastor. All you carr haters and he has dine all this without a true number one receiver. I think you should pick a different team to rip on right after you pass your spelling test for 2nd grade, lol

      And if Derek Carr would be a pastor at his local church I know there would be a lot of fans that would go hear him preach the word of the lord.
      Thank you

      And if Derek Carr would be a pastor at his local church I know there would be a lot of fans that would go hear him preach the word of the lord.
      Thank you

    8. I just can’t with this post. Looser? As in flexible? And “pasture”? Is he a field of alfalfa? And why would you label him a pedophile if he is indeed a “pasture”? Pastor maybe but a pasture cannot physically molest anyone.

    9. Pasture???
      Have you been praying to your pasture for the ability to use the English language?
      No wonder you struggle😂😂
      Hey , get out of that field and get to church fool ✅😳

      1. Im not a carr hater but this team is messed up they almost lost to a third string qb.
        Why does this team not blitz? A third string qb sat and had lots of time to throw the ball .
        The o- line is horrible and on 3 rd and 4 wont it make sense to run the ball instead of trying a 40 yard bomb .
        Bring in marcus and try him at least .

    10. wow you are ignorant it sounds like you may be a molester, your surely not an English major or probably a 3rd grade education if that…

    11. It’s Pastor, not pasture, like where your mom feeds herself, you idiot!!! And why stereotype Pastors as child molesters??? Who are you to judge??? And who are you to hate on Derek Carr?? He is a good man who would give the shirt off his back for you!!! If you think you know what you’re talking about, why aren’t you an NFL quarterback??? Keep your thoughts to yourself, not only in this forum, but in life in general, because I’m sure you’re known as the village idiot!!!

  3. I have a funny feeling Davonte Adams did not say that he would prefer the Raiders over the
    Packers. And, it seems that if he would prefer D. Carr at quarterback. Then he would prefer
    Derek Carr over Aaron Rodgers.? That is kind of hard to believe. Maybe I don’t get this noise.

    1. I hear you loud and clear…
      Cuz what a lot of these dudes here have been saying and points they’ve been trying to prove have ALL been sounding redundant, pointless, groundless and foolish at every post!!!

      Especially these last couple posts with each of them slamming each other’s spelling with a lil bit of their own shitty misspellings… Like:

      Moron “Moran”

      Pastor “Pasture”

      Done “Dine”

      Loser/Lawyer “Looser” “Lower”


  4. Why don’t you guys write stories that centers on facts like the Denver player who has 9 kids with 8 different women rather than on speculation surrounding Addams and other non factual bs.

    1. What does that have to do with consensual sex & football ? Men having children out of wedlock comes in ALL WALKS OF LIFE. As long as he provides for them, who’s are you to say ? Any I understand the moral & ethics of American Society

  5. Why the hello is it always Derek Carrs fault. How are you supposed to pass a **** football if nobodys open idiots? Answer this how was he playing before Gruden and Ruggs both left on bad terms? I rest my case on top of that look at the makeshift line Derek’s got in front of him now and a head coach that’s only ever been on special teams. Carr took the team to 13-3 made the playoffs but unfortunately got his leg broke. Even if Brady was in Carrs shoes I really don’t think the results would be that much better. Even born leaders can’t make teammates pull talent out there ***’s.

  6. Yeah….. I gotta say, Whoever thinks Davontae Adams would be that big of an idiot to purposely throw his life , career,oh.. , and his life down the fuckin toilet, to join the most fucked up bad excuse, of a “professional” LOL FOOTBALL TEAM THE PIMP-CITYRaiders!! Is out of there mother fucking mind……..JUST SAYIN

  7. Jason you are a freaking idiot, can’t believe Raidersbeat.com allowed you to put your BS out there.

    You are the sorry *** LOSER!

  8. Hes assuming Rodgers is gone. Makes sense he would want to reunite with his college qb. and face it rodgers is gone. he wants to pull a peyton and go win one with a team like the broncos.

  9. Not cool at all. Hate in his ability (like a lame hater will …what the F do you do?) If you must. But don’t bring his or anyone’s beliefs into this. Sit on the **** couch and eat Cheetos you F’ing lame…you can’t even spell pastor’s correctly…

  10. Yeah ok it the o line let’s see Rogers or Patrick mohomo play with that o line or even Brady Derk Carr is one of the best Qb

  11. You MUST be smoking’ somethin’!! Davante isn’t leaving Rodgers side!! That’s just dumb!!

  12. The Raiders should make a major move to acquire Adams. If you have to give away your first round pick in a trade, so be it. The guy is a true #1, and he has a great relationship with Carr that dates back years. Upgrade that offensive line, get Adams, the Raiders once again have a great offense.

  13. Here’s an insight thought:

    Adams is going where-ever Rodgers is going. You can keep the odds on that bet in Vegas too.

  14. All i gotta say is all the above replays that are backing Carr up on that lame *** comment I completely concur 💯. Carr is absolutely the best QB that we could have playing for the Raiders. Positively, I remain a Carr fan.

  15. IF the Packers trade Rodgers, it will be for a king’s ransom. And if they do that, they will franchise Adams and do the same.

    And while they are rebuilding, they will trade Bakhtiari, as well. They’ll fix their cap issues, pick up multiple 1st round & day 2 picks for 22 & 23, and build around their defense. Green Bay has played most of the year without 3 of their 5 OL starters, including 2 all-pro’s in Bakhtiari & Jenkins. Rodgers’ masks some of that with his audibles & protection calls, but GB has solid depth.

    If Rodgers stays, Adams will be back in Green Bay. They are not going to a better football situation. Not Denver, not Vegas, not Pittsburgh.

    The notion that Rodgers or Adams will go to better football situations is laughable. But if they do, Green Bay will walk away with a Herschel Walker-like haul in draft capital. And despite what the moronic National talking heads would lead you to believe, Gutekunst has nailed the top end of his drafts so far. Give him 7 D1 picks over the next 2 drafts with even a serviceable QB on a cheap deal, and GB will hoist yet another Lombardi trophy.

  16. carr has had top wr’s over the yrs but that alone will never create a winning team. any decent DC can take adams out of the game just like they do waller.. how many yrs IN A ROW are we gonna debate this stuff with the SAME RESULTS YR AFTER YR ??? its looking like desuan watson will be back next yr, trade carr for him and draft kenny pickett out of pitt if hes available… i seriously doubt carr wants to come back next yr anyways. he needs a fresh start elsewhere like matthew stafford got.

  17. Obviously, he’s more interested in $$$ than winning. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even consider the Raiders. Zero playoff wins in the last two decades! oouch…. I say they would be better finding the next WR#1 in the draft.

  18. This has to be one of the worst takes I have ever heard lmaooo…. Yeah Tae wants to play with Carr over Rodgers… Thats like trading your Lambo in for a Camaro

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