Rookie Played Key Defensive Role in Raiders’ 16-14 Win Over the Browns

The Raiders desperately needed a win on Monday night and they got one.


There were a lot of storylines to the Raiders’ 16-14 win, but one of the most encouraging (especially in the long term) was the play of rookie linebacker Devine Deablo. Deablo earned the Raiders’ third-highest defensive game grade from Pro Football Focus and his tackling grade was the highest of anyone among the Raiders’ front seven.

It didn’t show up in the box score, but Deablo’s effort on third down during the Browns’ final drive of the game was a big reason why the Raiders got the ball back.

Ted Nguyen on Twitter: “On the third down the Raiders needed to get the ball back at the end of the game, rookie Deablo blew up the FB and made Chubb cut back to Hankins, who pushed the center into the backfield.Huge play for the rookie / Twitter”

On the third down the Raiders needed to get the ball back at the end of the game, rookie Deablo blew up the FB and made Chubb cut back to Hankins, who pushed the center into the backfield.Huge play for the rookie

At this point, it seems like Deablo has officially jumped Cory Littleton on the Raiders’ depth chart. Littleton only played five defensive snaps against the Browns compared to 34 for Deablo.

Deablo has proven in recent weeks that he can make plays on running downs as well as passing downs.

As an aside…

Fellow rookie Malcolm Koonce has been the Raiders’ other rookie standout on defense over the last two games. Koonce tallied a sack in both games he was active prior to the Cleveland game, but for whatever reason, Koonce did not get on the field for a single defensive snap against the Browns.

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14 thoughts on “Rookie Played Key Defensive Role in Raiders’ 16-14 Win Over the Browns

  1. The fact that Koonce didnt get on the field proves we need a new coach ASAP. Chubb got his 100 yrds but the DL kept him somewhat contained. The OL did a good job keeping the dogs at bay pretty much for Carr.

    1. Hey Nation, gals, guys! Yes Devine seems to be a good young player like Koonce seems to be. I think Mayock has a knack for seeing value in the later rounds. But he sucks at the first round picks. We should keep him in his job but not let him pick players in the first round. After that he can pick players but just not the first. Let the head coach pick the first round players because we have struck out badly with those for the last 3 years. Just sayin….

      1. I’m not a big fan of Mayock, but in fairness, speculation had it that Gruden made the first round picks.

  2. The past couple of years, the Raiders rookies have been hit and miss, with more on the miss side, so its good to see that Deablo has a chance to develop (hopefully)

  3. Deablo first said some stuff and now he’s taking control of the LB position and also making big plays. We just might have something special in this youngster. It’s been a long time since we have had a reliable LB. Dominating LB. Let’s keep our fingers crossed on his hunger and development.

  4. Deablo is a hybrid. My solution to this coverage problem the raiders have had at linebacker, is now here. Deablo can play like a linebacker by making big hits near line of scrimmage. He can also cover like a safety. I believe he is the future of the NFL new defensive position.

  5. The Raiders have a problem at Wide Receiver. They do not have a deep threat other than Jackson. This guy Zay Jones has a problem with tracking the ball. If you are aware then you can ascertain the difference between Jones and Agehlor. Derek was able to complete more downfield throws with Aghelor and Ruggs because they were proficient in tracking the ball. Jones is proficient in catching passes that are put on him, I have yet to see him catch anything difficult. I know we are hoping for Davante Adams, this is a huge ask but we’ll see. The Raiders near future will be determined by the selection that Mark Davis settles on. I feel confident that he has been evaluating all aspects of this team. I believe he needs to hire a Team President to help Mayock with managing the Cap, Free agent and draft selections. This team is on the cusp of turning the corner. Good leadership is the major problem. Three people I would like for Mark to consider are Eliot Wolfe, Louis Riddick and a sleeper is Scot McCloughan. My ultimate choice if he were to be interested is Ozzie Newsome. I believe Ozzie as team President, Louis Riddick as GM and Wolf, as Director of Scouting/Asst. GM would work magic in Las Vegas. Mark, I only ask that you look into seeing if this is probable. Take care Raider Nation. Hello to you also Will and Lincoln be blessed and Happy Holidays to the Nation.

  6. Both DeAblo and Abrams need to be used in the rt scheme. Koonce is a future star. Three future starters tht the Raiders meed to get on the field for success.

  7. We found some young linebackers in Deablo and Kountze. I like these two along with Perriman. They should that they want to be here. The rest of the defense except for Hayward, Hobbs, Ngokea, and Crosby, the rest of the defense is going to be playing to stay a Raiders.

  8. Yes I am puzzled as hell on Who makes these choices what players play and what players don’t it seems like our rookies who actually can play have been spotted in the amount of snaps they have which makes no sense whatsoever cause played two games and was impressive doesn’t play one single down in the game on Monday night what the hell???? I think the interim coach that stepped in is a good guy and actually he seems to have a good hold on special teams but he’s definitely not a head coach I’m sorry I don’t really want to trash him but please let’s get over any thought regardless if they went out or not of him returning his head coach would love to see him back and special teams coach because for the most part and special teams have been pretty good but these decisions are insane wasting these kids who can play on the sideline when I see all these other teams that play these rookies that you never heard of and they are outstanding is just ridiculous !!! And I love the sea he’s a good person and works hard unfortunately his biggest drawbacks are that he doesn’t use his legs enough to extend plays refuses to run when he’s got a wide open field and just pick up 5,6,7,8 yards at a time and then slide and he so often does not go to his progressions Mrs. guys that are wide open and stares down one receiver as I said I’m not a hater but these are his drawbacks that are actually keeping him from being one of the elite quarterbacks in this league I know he has great stats and I respect all of that but those areas hurt him a lot !

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