David Carr Believes Todd Downing Was “In Over His Head” As A Playcaller

Derek Carr hasn’t talked a lot about what went wrong with the Raiders offense this season, but fortunately for inquisitive minds, his brother has been more willing.

Speaking Friday with Scott Bair of NBC Bay Area, David Carr elaborated on some of his perceived shortcomings within the Raider offense.

“It’s a lot to be a play caller. I think that’s the one thing that we have to remember. As much as Derek has a great relationship with his quarterbacks coach, his offensive coordinator from last year, I think that it was a lot and for a young guy to never have done that before, I think he was in over his head… [Todd Downing] might be a great play caller down the road but you’re never as good in your first year as you would be in your twentieth year.”

Carr also pointed to the lack of “attention to detail” that Derek often referenced during the season.

To that point, David talked more Thursday about the team’s work ethic that’s been so often called into question.

“It wasn’t the same level of commitment or level of focus energy and work. It’s hard. You have to really work at it. You don’t roll out of bed and win 12 games in the NFL.”

It all sounds about right, but it’s still remarkable that the Raiders started the season as well as they did and shifted to ‘self destruct mode’ almost overnight.

After the dominating performance against the Jets in week two, no one would have predicted a 4-10 finish.

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5 thoughts on “David Carr Believes Todd Downing Was “In Over His Head” As A Playcaller

  1. Would live to be a fly on the wall listening to conversations between Derek and David about the season

  2. The Raiders started off dominate bc nobody knew TD’s offense yet. Once Washington seen that the Raiders were running literally nothing but short slant routes, screens, and no play action to keep defenses honest, they easily shut it down and laid the blue print for every other team to do the same. It’s that simple. You can’t run all short routes all the time and expect defenses not to sit on them.

    You have to have play action thrown in if your focus is in the short game. Have to. That’s why Lynch faced more stacked boxes then any other RB. TD failed to take advantage of said stacked boxes, as even he admitted that play action wasnt in the game plan, meaning Carr couldn’t have audibled into play action, even if he wanted to. It wasn’t in the game plan. Olsen isn’t inspiring much confidence either, but if Gruden really is taking over the offense, then it should be top 5 EZ next yr.

    Carr may have some growing pains in such a complicated offense, but it should also open the door to him reaching his full potential. That’s all that really concerns me ATM, bc if Carr reaches his full potential, then he and Gruden are the next long standing QB/HC dynasties, and how sweet would that be?

    Gruden being there for the beginning of the Pats, and then being the one to end them with the beginning of a dynasty of his own.

  3. David was the one raving about Todd Downing before the season. How he was gonna let Derek call have more freedom at the line and air the ball out. TD was in way over his head, but it was people like David calling for him in the first place.

  4. Watching the offense was painful!! The beauty of sports is that we have next year ! GO RAIDERS !!! GOOD RIDDANCE BOOTLEG COACHING CREW!

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