Jared Cook Among Those That Changed The Chemistry In The Raiders Locker Room?

Raiders voice Greg Papa said during the season that there were personalities in Jack Del Rio’s locker room that were having a negative impact on the team.

Two names that Papa brought up were Marshawn Lynch and Michael Crabtree.

“I don’t know if [Del Rio] lost the locker room, I think the locker room just changed. I think Marshawn Lynch changed it and I think Marshawn, being around him for a year, I think it’s time he either retires or moves on to a different team… I just don’t see Marshawn Lynch and Jon Gruden co-existing.”

Overlooked several weeks ago (over here at least) was another name Papa threw into the mix: Jared Cook.

“I think the culture of the locker room was different this year and when I point to it, I think that bringing in Marshawn Lynch and Jared Cook, and more so Marshawn, but also Cook to a lesser extent.”

Cook’s name comes as a bit of a surprise because there were no obvious examples of the Raiders tight end hurting the team with his attitude or work ethic.

Like the many other rumors trickling out of the Raiders locker room, take this one, too, with a grain of salt.

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20 thoughts on “Jared Cook Among Those That Changed The Chemistry In The Raiders Locker Room?

  1. It couldn’t be more obvious that the team chemistry was completely off. I was at the Redskins game and it was like watching the Cleveland Browns or something. They looked like a shell of the team I watched last year and the first 2 games……just pathetic. I think Lynch breaks balls way too much and brings down the confidence of the team, especially Carr. Derek seems like the kind of guy that would hate that sort of thing….

    1. Lmfao so they were fine in the 1st 2 games cause they won, they lose a week later because the chemistry of the team was destroyed😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Everyone points fingers when they lose

    2. I was at that redskins game! I told my Uncle from the start of the game, this was totally a different team and something must of happened pre game behind the scenes smh

    1. Lynch was the problem. But Carr should have stopped it.
      Just look at Carr’s comments about Lynch concerning “busting” as in Carr stating “he’s my man, he’s always busting on me.” A leader never allows “busting” (can you imagine Gannon or Upshaw putting up with it?). Non-leaders use it as a time honored “safe” device to reduce the status of the leader. If the leader forbids it, he is seen as “thin skinned” or “he thinks we are beneath him.” Car was too weak to stop it and he lost the respect of the locker room but most importantly his authority. Watch the post 76 Super Bowl locker room scene where UPSHAW glares at a teammate for smacking his shoulder pads too aggressively!

  2. oakland gotta clean house!

    and i’m betting gruden will

    sean smith
    marshall new house
    jalen richard
    seth roberts
    cory james
    reggie nelson
    jihad ward
    jelly ellis
    denico autrey
    david amerson
    gergio tevechio

    all players who need to be removed from the raiders roster by the start of 2018 season

    1. I think Crabtree, Richard, Roberts (just signed extension), Autry (definitely worth keeping), and Tevechio (Jano is done!) will all stay. Cory James is still young, so he’ll likely stay too.
      I might add Shilique Calhoun to that list. He and Ward were 2 of the worst 2nd and 3rd round picks I’ve ever seen…..just garbage!

    2. Are you kidding me with Autry he was a studd he deserves to stay as will Penn as we have no one close to ready to take over the LT position

    3. Richard is a good player as shown last yr 2016 He will be VERY good this yr 2018 under Gruden.

  3. Training camp photos told the story about Lynch. Lots of pics of Lynch standing and what looked to be clowning while everyone else was doing warm ups. “I do what I do”

  4. Washington game was the turning point. Unidentifiable player was quoted as saying “Carr can stand alone for the flag so he can stand alone on the field” The Colin disease hit the raiders in week 3. Locker roome lost after that. Don’t know f it as Lynch, Cook, or Penn, or someone else.

  5. I’m an Oakland season ticket holder, I literally Seen It With My Own Eyes!!!
    My 17 year old son I could call out the plays before they happened….
    Letting Musgrave go was a big mistake, no discipline, everything was predictable…

    But McKensie still sux at drafting……..

    And yes Lynch and Cook were load mouths….

    Cooks fumble basically lost the Baltimore game, we never recovered……….

    And Lynch was a loadmouth, who is more concerned about his reality show …….

    1. You and I might be the only 2 in the world that believe McKenzie sucks at drafting. He’s been a joke the past 3 yrs….

  6. Lynch stood by his boy (Peters) and not with his team during the fight with the Chiefs. I was done with him after that bullshit. I liked Del Rio but he and Carr seemed to be the only ones who cared. Welcome back “Chuckie”!!

  7. From his list, who I think needs to go.

    marshall new house
    cory james*
    jihad ward
    jelly ellis
    denico autrey
    david amerson*
    I would expect them to be under extreme scruitiny during camp.

    1. Sorry cut and past didn’t take correctly

      sean smith
      marshall new house
      cory james*
      david amerson

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