David Carr: Henry Ruggs’ Situation “Hit My Brother Harder Than You Can Imagine”

Since the start of the 2021 season, the Raiders have been hit with more challenges than anyone could have imagined.

Derek Carr has been the unquestioned leader of the locker room, but the quarterback’s brother says the events of November 2 hit Derek harder than many realize.

“This situation has hit my brother harder than you can imagine,” David Carr wrote week in the GV Wire. “That’s because he and Ruggs, in his second season with the Raiders, were becoming closer on and off the field. They had been texting Monday evening before the crash and Derek told me that Ruggs said he was having a good time at TopGolf, a Las Vegas sports entertainment venue. He even asked Derek for tips on his golf swing. Nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary.”

Carr has been at the forefront of two unprecedented (and incredibly sad) situations this year, but it’s fair to wonder if the locker room has the fortitude to respond as well this time.

Players were disappointed to lose Jon Gruden, but his resignation didn’t shake the locker room to the magnitude of the latest news. Carr, as well his teammates and coaches, have handled the Ruggs’ situation as well as anyone could have hoped, but it will be interesting to see how the team responds on the field this week.

No one would be surprised if the team shows up flat in New York after an incredibly difficult week.

Actually… there might be one.

“I’m sure people are waiting for the Raiders to crumble under the weight of what they’ve already endured seven games into their schedule,” David Carr added in the aforementioned column. “I don’t see that happening because I know what my brother is made of.”

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18 thoughts on “David Carr: Henry Ruggs’ Situation “Hit My Brother Harder Than You Can Imagine”

  1. Stay strong DC, 4, control what you can because you know where your strength and help comes from. In this life things happen even when it seems unfair. We must keep on keeping on…keep the faith.

  2. Hit his brother ,what about those Parents of the young girl he killed. These players are laughable at the things they say,Ruggs stole a young girls life away for his choice of driving and not taking a lyft or share ride . Shouldn’t have been her but the other way around .

    1. That was the dumbest and harshest **** ive heard have heart and just send some love to both sides ruggs and the young lady who i am sure with god

    2. I agree..for what he did and
      He is sitting his *** at home
      And getting tested for alcohol
      4 times aday..big deal.
      The young girl that had her dog
      In her car, both are dead..when
      Ruggs goes to court nov.10 and
      I hope they put his *** back in jail

    3. What happened to thay young woman and her family is a tragedy, but there is another tragedy in this situation and that is Ruggs. There are plenty of outlets rightfully talking about Tina so why don’t you just head over there instead of infiltrating a raiders football blog with your nonsense of not allowing people to grieve for Ruggs as well. There are a lot of emotions from this tragedy and everyone has the right to feel how they feel. Try to forgive more often, it will brighten your soul.

    4. Ok look…I don’t want to diminish or downplay what Ruggs did in any way. He was 110% wrong. But he’s a kid. A talented, famous, rich kid and he made a poor choice that ruined alot of lives not least of which is his own. Having compassion for him does not require condoning his actions.

    5. Yes, Janet, people make horrible choices that lead to horrific outcomes. The victim’s family has been acknowledged ahead of every statement made by every coach and member of the team that has been interviewed regarding this tragedy. This article addresses the reality that not only did Henry Ruggs take the life of a young woman, but he destroyed his own in the process. He also affected the lives of his family and friends that now have to process the emotions involved in accepting his future. They are mourning the loss of one young life and the destruction of another young life.

  3. Derek has seen tragedy and tough times through his career. His faith has kept him moving forward and a solid man, father, husband and leader. He will carry and inspire the Raiders to play hard for Ruggs. I wish would be happy to be half the man Derek Carr is.

  4. Well the article was about Derek what he is going thru! And yes we are all sad to know that Ruggs passenger’s family is in pain also! When something like this happens it effects about 200 people easily! David Derek’s brother was just letting us know how Derek is doing!

    Don’t criticize the Carr boys they are great guys !

  5. For those of you who are professional sports players who have the attitude it will never happen to me guess what it can ask Henry rugs ask him what is going to be like when he pays the price for taking a persons life unintentionally but still it happened give more thought about what you are doing and how you’re going about doing it that’s important

  6. People can come to the table with stats, ideas and opinions about how Derek Carr is not the QB who can take us to the super bowl or how he’s ‘soft’ or whatever else people want to say about him but I know this: you cannot argue about what Derek Carr is made of. Just listen to one of his seminars and you’ll have to agree. He’s a man of God who has risen above so much adversity in his career already. I’m sure at this point in his life he looks at adversity as challenge and I’m sorry, and I don’t say this because I bleed silver and black, but my money is on DC! Love you, Nation! RAIDER4 LIFE!

    1. Legrand your the Bish lol you have nothing intelligent to say or even compassion for the girl he KILLED you pus*y

  7. Inconsiderate bastards the lady loss her life 4 a life changing tragedy from decision you made 2 pull off in vechicle.cuddy knowing you were toasted a night full of passion can turn into alifetime of pain

  8. Um, you people do know this article is about Derek Carr’s reaction to the tragedy, not about the victim, her family, or that narcissistic POS Ruggs who thought the rules don’t apply to him, how he turned his back on the team’s safeguards to make sure these kind of things don’t happen, and how he was too important to lower himself to actually riding in an Uber.

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