Report: Raiders Could Sign DeSean Jackson “As Early As Monday”

The Raiders are expected to be aggressive in signing a wide receiver and their top candidates right now appear to be Odell Beckham Jr. and DeSean Jackson.

Beckham isn’t a free agent yet, but is expected to clear waivers early next week. He could be claimed by a team, but his contract will likely be a deterrent.

At least two reports have indicated that the Raiders are interested in Jackson. An NFL Network report on Saturday said that 7 teams have reached out to Jackson, but league insider Mike Silver seems to think the Raiders may be his top option.

Michael Silver on Twitter: “Free-agent WR DeSean Jackson had a zoom call today with Raiders officials. He could sign with the team as early as Monday–but nothing has been decided yet. @BallySports / Twitter”

Free-agent WR DeSean Jackson had a zoom call today with Raiders officials. He could sign with the team as early as Monday–but nothing has been decided yet. @BallySports

Jackson will turn 35 next month and considering he requested his release from one of the best teams in the league, playing time figures to be a major factor in where he’ll play next.

In the prime of his career, Jackson could stretch the field as well as any receiver in the league. He averaged 27.6 yards per reception this year with the Rams (8 receptions, 221 yards) and if signed by the Raiders, Jackson should plug in nicely to Ruggs’ former role in the offense.

It’s possible that the Raiders will wait until Monday to see how things play out with Beckham, but if Jackson is the player they want, he’s available right away. No waiting necessary.

For what it’s worth, Zay Jones is expected to fill Ruggs’ role in the Raiders’ offense until another wide receiver is added.

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9 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Could Sign DeSean Jackson “As Early As Monday”

  1. Selfish Selfish Selfish…..complete opposite of Ruggs. Jackson was on a Superbowl contender with a high powered offense in LOS ANGELES and wanted OUT!!!!
    Quit listening to the haters go get OBJ he is still not 100% confident due to his ACL injury last year but he will give the team some much needed Juice

  2. I dont know why anyone would classify Jackson as selfish because he is at the end of his career n wishes to play not sit n watch. If his talent didnt warrant being a starter n playing more than I could understand someone calling him selfish but that is not the case.

    I think OBJ may possess more problems n equate to possible future turmoil if things dont work out for him. Raiders need to not wait for OBJ to clear n sign Jackson now.

    I also think that Raiders could slide Waller to WR n everything would be fine with players they have on roster. This gives Moreau more playing time as well.

    1. Dead on Richard. I love your suggestions about Waller and getting Moreau more involved! Carr is showing great leadership and we need to sign Jackson now.


    2. Moving Waller to WR??? That doesn’t provide a speed WR to open up the field, you know, the role Ruggs had! When you have a bunch of possession WRs… of I have to explain that, you don’t understand offensive football.

      1. I understand football very well. Waller while not possessing Ruggs speed sure as hell possesses speed but due to his size n most db’s at 6′ n under Waller possesses huge advantage over them. Db’s, safetys, n lb’s r unequipped 2 cover Waller so moving him 2 wr is not the much of a leap.

        But go ahead thinking u know more than others. I guarantee i can play a lot better than u, know the game much better than u n have nothing 2 prove 2 u. Its my opinion n entitled 2 it without critique from u. If u wish 2 place ur opinions on what team should do then make them but dont come on here talking smack 2 me about mine.

  3. I’ll take a half step slow DJax 24/7 over Old Dirty Basterds 45% dropped passes and drama queen media circus. Maybe he should focus on catching the **** ball instead of looking for goatfur shoes to give the cheater goat, (the real goat has a statue outside browns stadium) or focus on his conditioning so he doesn’t miss half his games every season 🤣

  4. Love MY RAIDERS(thru,and thru) since ’87,when I was a 4 year old boy. First game I ever saw,when BO runs over BOSWORTH. Longest relationship I’ve ever been in lol. But if we add OBJ,don’t think it’s a great fit. With our drama we have(Gruden,Ruggs),then if we add OBJ? With his drama,we’ll lose focus! And if we add DeaJack? He’s getting up there(in NFL years). He’s quick,but he doesn’t have that speedy he used to have. We have Jones,but is he a WR1? We still need to focus on what we’re doing(5-2),and we’re coming off a bye. If OBJ,can keep his drama in check,and be a leader to the receiver group? Than of course take him. He’s still young enough,at 29 years old,he still can play. DeJack,he’s 35,and he only has a few years left! We don’t need to lose focus,if we signed the wrong player. GO RAIDERS!

  5. All have valuable points. But one thing needs to be certain. Which of them are going to be consistent at playing at top level. Also which one is going to be able to stay healthy for the rest of season, and not get hurt every other game.

  6. DeSean would be the better choice, Odell has had some problems in the past and that’s exactly what we don’t need right now. The team seem more focus, alert so much better than the past. DeSean just wants to win, and what’s out motto? JUST WIN BABY, I think this is an excellent move.

    Pride and Poise,

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