David Carr: Look For Jordy Nelson To Assume Michael Crabtree’s Role In The Raiders Offense

Between his brother and Jon Gruden, David Carr has a pair of the finest sources inside the Raiders locker room.

Last week, the eldest Carr talked about the excitement surrounding the Raiders’ trio of receivers and how he expects Gruden to utilize Jordy Nelson.

“I think he fits in very well,” Carr said of Nelson on NFL Total Access. “I think he’s going to take Michael Crabtree’s role over and they’re going to do some other things with him, move him around a little bit.”

“You have Martavis Bryant, you got Amari, and you have Jordy, what do you do? I was talking to Derek, what do you do when you jog those three guys out there?”

“I think that the majority of the time Jordy is out there… think Michael Crabtree’s role, something very similar to that, a guy that Derek is going to trust a lot. Derek likes to put the ball up in situations… he’ll give you a chance on a 50/50 ball, I think Jordy is really good at that.”

As for Nelson’s dip in production last year, (David) Carr believes it was the product of Nelson losing his All Pro quarterback – a theory supported by statistics as Nelson tallied six touchdowns in five full games with Aaron Rodgers and zero in the 10 games without him.

“He’s still a really good receiver,” said (David) Carr.

“I don’t think he’s lost anything. If we look at his numbers from last year and what he did, I think that was only a product of A-Rod not being out there.”

Hopefully all of that is true.

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6 thoughts on “David Carr: Look For Jordy Nelson To Assume Michael Crabtree’s Role In The Raiders Offense

    1. True but the Raiders could be **** good “if” these players fulfill their potential.

  1. There are no guarantees in the NFL . Every team is a major injury or a losing streak away from missing the playoffs . Every year some team surprises everybody and some team disappoints . It’s a fascinating game . I don’t make pre season predictions on any team. A team like the Raiders , with a lot of question Mark’s, can catch fire at the right time and ride the wave to the playoffs . We see it all the time . I don’t pretend to know what this team or any team will do . Just have to wait and see .

  2. Any true Raiders fan would support the team no matter who is on the field. Before regular season starts every team is undefeated and has the ability to win the Super Bowl. Remember every team and every player in the NFL are professionals. Every year we see a lesser name become a star so who is to say it can’t be a Raider? I believe the Raiders have as good a chance to hoist the Lombardi as anyone. GO RAIDERS!!!!

  3. Aaron Rodgers has been reported to have wanted Nelson to stay in GB, but he was the odd WR out due to the salary cap issues. Raiders are lucky to have him, as long as he can stay healthy, his only caveat.

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