Report: 5 Raiders O-Linemen Returned To Team Overweight

Considering the Raiders dumped their starting right tackle of a year ago and their left tackle is 35 and coming off a significant foot injury, it’s no wonder Jon Gruden was determined to take offensive linemen in the draft.

But their may have been another contributing factor to Gruden’s desperation.

According to Tom Shaw, the Raiders new strength and conditioning coach, five offensive linemen returned to the team this year considerably overweight.

“We had five offensive linemen who were between 30 and 40 pounds heavier than when they left the facility last season,” Shaw told The Athletic. “They were eating whatever they wanted and were doing nothing…”

Reports prior to the draft had suggested Gruden wasn’t particularly impressed with his offensive tackles and conditioning was probably a big reason why.

Showing up 40 pounds overweight sure seems like an ideal means to land in Gruden’s doghouse.

For what it’s worth, Vic Tafur, who wrote the column on Shaw, said Donald Penn was not one of the linemen who showed up overweight.

Makes you wonder who the five actually were, doesn’t it?

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3 thoughts on “Report: 5 Raiders O-Linemen Returned To Team Overweight

  1. Cant imagine it was Any of the starters. Gabe Jackson looked trim and Kalechi wouldnt do that.

  2. Just ridiculous especially after the down year the offensive line had last year. They better show they really want a superbowl ring quickly
    by getting in shape fast!!!! They can also donate there inevitable fines to the poor. These guys need to understand what a privilege it is and not a right to play in the nfl. Hey coach Gruden how about some more competition at offensive lineman by stealing another veteran chiefs player ex chief I should say his name I forget but he is a former pro bowler is his name incognito? Something like that

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